Look Out Trumps, Because Twitter Could Come After Your Accounts Next!


Keep your Twitter Account info hidden because if you don’t, The Donald will try to Tweet and that includes his family…

Twitter has never been more… quiet. Last week, President Donald Trump’s account was frozen before it was permanently suspended. Others were also shut down when the outgoing Commander-in-Chief tried tweeting from other people’s accounts.

Political commentator, Brain Tyler Cohen posted the following Tweet:

[Credit: Twitter – @briantylercohen]

This made us laugh because it looks like every person in the White House with a Twitter account needs to watch their information. The same can be said for Trump’s family who work with him. Now, this probably doesn’t effect Tiffany too much but it does the older three siblings and Melania.

We posted the other day during our article on Trump’s account being shut down that a load of associated accounts were either banned or frozen. Of the handles, Cohen posted in the tweet we linked in the aforementioned post, only one of them is frozen and that’s the original account of the POTUS.

A little known fact about this account is that the President often has two; a personal one and a second for the White House. Obama had a White House Twitter and one that he used himself. A lot of politicians in America have this.

We think Obama started this trend when he was President because his old presidential account is archived under the Twitter handle @POTUS44.

If Trump’s Children Continue To Speak Out In Support Of Their Father, It’ll End Badly…

Donald’s three eldest children Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric need to watch themselves online. The same applies to their sister, Tiffany. If they continue to push their father’s narrative, it could see them banned from Twitter and probably Facebook and Instagram too.

They’d need to have accounts on social media for their business ventures. Also, Tiffany is a social media influencer who can’t work without it. Well, she probably could but it wouldn’t be good for her reputation if her account on say Instagram suddenly disappeared.

Also, it would be best if the Trump children hid their passwords from their father. If he has already tried to use other Twitter accounts, he’ll try theirs too.

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