And The Walls Come Crashing Down! President Trump Orders His Followers To Incite Violence On The Capitol Building

25th Amendment

As the Georgia Senate Run-Offs are finalised, President Donald Trump has alleged ordered his followers to break into the Capitol building to stop the certification of votes. Many have asked for the 25th Amendment to be issued…

Today is a sad day for American politics… in the best possible way. It has shone a new light on President Donald Trump to show the people that he is unfit to be in office. With only two weeks left in his presidency, his delusions are growing by the day as his desperation continues to expand. He has incited violence upon Capitol Hill which his followers have done. A woman was shot and killed by law enforcement during the rioting, according to 9News. It’s gotten so dire that people want the 25th Amendment launched to get the Prez out of the Oval office two weeks earlier than expected.

Vice President Mike Pence has finally shown some balls and rejected his boss’ orders to overturn the election results. Also, he nor Congress have the power to do this and he has said this, according to what 9News reports. It’s obvious that Trump didn’t like this and had his cult of followers disrupt the session. He knows what will happen to him once he is out of office. The FBI will likely arrest him for a load of crimes.

Staying in the White House was his one way to avoid getting arrested. Also, he’s been impeached which brings in the FBI. We’re not exactly geniuses on this subject but it would end up in tears for the outgoing President of the United States as he could be sent to prison for his illegal activities. The 25th Amendment has never looked better, right now.

Anyway, we’re going to go through what might happen if the 25th Amendment is enacted and how this will effect certain people in association with Trump.

What Could Happen If The 25th Amendment Is Put Into Effect?

The 25th Amendment is basically the last thing that can be done if nothing to get a president removed from office. This act is given to the Vice President, meaning Mike Pence in case the Commander-in-Chief becomes incapable of leading, according to Yahoo! Finance.

We can just imagine Trump being pulled out of the White House kicking and screaming. Melania would divorce him and so on. Basically, his life would be in shambles and it would be his fault. If the 25th Amendment is enacted, Pence would become a target to his own president.

Despite the fact that Pence has a reputation of his own, his career post-Trump is unclear. However, if he is smart, he will keep his mouth shut for another two weeks. Unlike his boss, he is an actual politician who knows what he is doing.

Having to deal with Trump for four years would’ve had to be chaos for him. However, Pence stood by him and he has to pay the price. If we’re honest, his political career is going to be fine.

Going over to Trump again and we can just see the look on his face now that the votes have been certified. He can’t Tweet anything at the moment but Melania will likely be issuing a sigh of relief.

If Pence does enact the 25th Amendment, it could be all be over for Trump. The Secret Service would have to pull him out of the White House kicking and screaming. Just imagine what the look of relief on Melania’s face as her husband is carted off to a mental hospital. She can then file for divorce and take full custody of Barron.

Where Do The Other Trumps Sit In This Story?

Of all of Trump’s children, Ivanka, her father’s little princess is probably the one with the most to lose. She and her husband, Jared are top advisors. Once Donald leaves office, they don’t have jobs. Though, they are so rich, they do not need to worry about money.

We have not paid too much attention to how Don Jr and Eric will fare but it doesn’t matter. They’re still going to profit from their father regardless.

As for Tiffany, well, she has largely been MIA during her father’s time in the White House. Though, she has spoken at a few Republican conventions in support of her dad. Not to mention, she has tweeted out several times that Biden is lying. Basically, she is a strong supporter of Donald’s ideals.

We’re leaving Barron out of this because he is just a child whom his mother, Melania is trying to protect. Good on her for doing that. Actually, speaking of the First Lady, where does this put her?

Well, like we mentioned earlier, if the 25th Amendment is enforced, it would be a godsend for her. If reports from Business Insider Australia are correct, Melania burst into tears when her husband got elected to the Oval Office in 2016. We have to admit she’s probably going to have tears of joy in her eyes now that he’s on the way out. If anything, she’s probably got her fingers crossed that he gets kicked out of the White House sooner.

One figure we cannot resist talking about here is Mary L. Trump, Donald’s estranged niece. We’ve written before about her hatred for her uncle. Just from her tweets, she would be more than happy for the 25th Amendment to be enforced. She said herself that there is something wrong with her father’s brother.

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