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Prince Harry Implied In The Oprah Interview That His Family Was ‘Jealous’ Of Meghan’s Performance During Their Australia Tour – This Is A Total Cop Out And Straight Up BS – OPINION

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Prince Harry claims in the Oprah interview that his family was jealous of Meghan during the Australia Tour. We’re calling this a total word salad as his views are unfounded, given his previous comments.

According to her husband, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle embodied Princess Diana during the 2018 Australia Tour in his word salad prattle during the Oprah interview. Since the pair married in May 2018, the second son of Charles, the now King of England, has been giving the rest of the world orders to improve it. However, these are not his words. They are his wife’s. I’m here because of a comment he made to Winfrey about how his family was supposedly jealous of the Duchess of Sussex’s performance during this time, including Meghan allegedly throwing tea at someone.

This is allegedly the same tour, according to Tom Bower’s book Revenge, where every morning, Harry and Meghan would check social media for negative comments and order their aides to remove them. Also, a rumour floating around that the prince demanded that his wife tell him if she was genuinely pregnant with Archie. It is abundantly clear what the word salad was trying to convey: Meghan is like Diana. We know the story.

The Modern Day Charles And Diana

They believe one thing: they are the modern-day Charles (Harry) and Diana (Meghan) during their Australia tour. The Duke of Sussex has spoken about this, but there is one issue. How can he know the exact details if he wasn’t born yet? Charles and Diana’s tour occurred when Prince William was a few months old. Diana wasn’t even pregnant with Harry yet. The only way he would know information about this is through stories from those who know what happened.

Diana’s Story Of Jealousy And What Meghan Is Attempting To Do

Diana said in an interview years later that her husband was jealous of how much more loved she was than him. She even claimed that there was no way she could’ve told him that she never wanted the attention she got.

If you listen to what Meghan said in a large portion of the Oprah interview, it sounds eerily like Diana. She claims to have never seen the late Princess of Wales’ Panorama tell-all. But given everything she says, it’s hard to believe she never watched it. It’s either that or Harry told her what his mother had said, and she just decided to do her own version. Original much? Also, Meghan and Harry fail to consider that Diana and Charles never demanded the entirety of Admiralty House for their stay.

Harry can whinge his family is jealous all he wants, but it’s clear he’s the envious one. Does his experience in this photo look like a man who believes this?

Word Salad By Meghan?

If you look at the photo above, Harry looks pissed off because he and Meghan are not in the program for the Commonwealth Service. He’s jealous of his brother and father for being in there. We severely doubt that William cared either way. At least he and Catherine attempted to be civil by not walking in the procession.

There is no doubt that Harry and Megan sat down before the interview and twisted the truth. The former actress is lecturing Harry on how to say certain things. He no longer talks like he used to, so we know it’s a Markle word salad.

We know that Meghan is obsessed with wanting to be the next Princess Diana. The way her body language sat on her pregnant figure, the way she wore her clothes and makeup screams the late royal. It is so obvious what she was doing. The whole interview made people see that she is just like her idol or the new her. She is trying way too hard, and Harry has fallen for it. He is under her spell.

It’s doubtful that the rest of the family was ‘jealous’ of Meghan’s performance. Information would’ve leaked to the palace about how she was doing. We did a whole post on what allegedly happened during the Australian leg of the tour and a small bit of what happened in Fiji.

On A Mission To Make Royals Out To Be The Villains

If this were a movie or a book, the royals would be written as the villains. The family has better things to do than to be jealous of Meghan’s behaviour on a tour where she wanted a free holiday. At the time, the whole world saw her as a great new addition to The Firm.

Harry is on a very short leash and is corrupted by his wife when someone tries to tell him otherwise. If we’re honest, he appears to have been worn down over time. If he apologised to her, she’d do something to stop him from doing this. He goes along with what she says to avoid a fight. Look at what occurred when he corrected the story she told during the Oprah interview about the conversation surrounding Archie.

He corrected it and said the conversation occurred before he and Meghan were married, so before Archie’s conception.

Harry Is A Walking Mouthpiece For Meghan

Meghan knows how to manipulate her husband. Grabbing his arm to stir him in the direction she wants. She even interrupts conversations he is having with other people so that she can be the centre of attention. She also knows when to get him to sprout a word salad.

Harry has said some questionable things since he and Meghan married. One example is his belief that social media is 100% toxic. Another comment he made is that servicemen and women are more susceptible to suicide. He is human, but has he even stopped thinking about how his comments could hurt others?

Meghan has no care in the world other than her own vendetta against the family that gave her everything. She will tread on Harry and get him to say things for her to make herself look less guilty.

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