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Prince Harry Shouldn’t Be Inclined To Protection From The US Government, And He And Meghan Need To Say Away From Everyone Else’s Children! – OPINION

Harry, Meghan

Harry, the King of Montecito and his Instagram-loving, biatch wife, Meghan Markle, are at it again. They cannot sit down and take a hint that people don’t like them. In all honesty, it makes them look even worse than they are. This time, the second son of King Charles III is now in massive poodoo. It s now being questioned whether he lied on his U.S. visa application as to whether he had admitted to taking drugs.

In recent months, he has admitted in interviews and in his memoir Spare to have taken drugs regularly. Anyone with a full-functioning brain will know that the U.S. is well known to have strict policies for foreigners entering the United States who admit to drugs. Look at what happened to the Queen of Desserts, Nigella Lawson. The Guardian reported in 2014 that she was barred from a flight from Heathrow Airport to Los Angeles due to admitting she had taken cocaine four months before getting on the plane.

Meghan’s Memoir Threat

However, Harry believes he is above the law and exempt from the rule. Why? Because he’s a prince and the “Duke of Sussex.” We all know nothing will be done. It’s one rule for him and one for everyone else. For a man who claims he “wants a family, not an institution,” he loves flaunting his title around. While this is nothing new to add to the endless hypocrisy he and Meghan spout regularly, it shows that neither of them can let the monarchy go.

We also know that Meghan is shopping her memoir around and doing everything she can to make the monarchy look bad. It is rumoured that she will be writing a scene about “confronting the monarchy at the coronation” before it happens. This information comes from the Express. We have no clue whether this is true, as there is no official announcement that she is writing a “memoir.”

Yes, I know that Meghan leaks things to the media. This has been going on for years. Anyway, going back to Harry’s U.S. visa debacle, I can see him and Meghan pacing around their office saying how it’s no big deal that there was drug-taking and the media is just picking on them and whatever else.

When Titles Mean Nothing

Here’s what they don’t understand. Titles mean NOTHING in the United States. The only ones that do are President and Vice President. Prince, Princess, Duke, or Duchess means nothing to Americans. I’ve said this before, but you don’t see Princess Madeleine of Sweden running around acting entitled. Also, Lilibet is not a trueborn American princess. She didn’t have the title at birth.

Princess Madeleine’s eldest daughter, Leonore, was born in New York City, so technically, Leonore is an American princess as she had her title at birth. How do you like that one, Harry and Meghan?

They can cry about how their children didn’t get titles because they’re mix-raced and all that crap, but anyone with more than one brain cell knows that is not how the British monarchy operates. Charles had wanted a slimmed down monarchy since before William and Harry were even born. But that is besides the point. People see through the racism narrative. Well, their supporters don’t because they’re uneducated and drawn in by the cult mentality that they’re using.

Harry Gets Busted And Needs Investigating

Anyhow, the Heritage Foundation, a conservative organisation in the United States, has gotten wind of everything that has been going on with Harry’s drug use and what have you, and they want it investigated. Regardless of what side of the political divide you might be on, they have every right to call this out. They know Harry is a privileged man born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had everything handed to him his entire life, and he was never penalised for anything.

The one thing that grinds people’s gears about Harry is how he thinks everyone is against him and Meghan and that they’ve never done anything wrong. Dude! If you lied on your visa application, there is every chance you’ll be kicked out of the States, and you’ll never get to see your children, who need their dad. But I know what’d you do. You’ll blame everyone for your being kicked out of the country.

Another Harry And Meghan Bandwagon

I know nothing will happen to him. Why? Because he’ll find a loophole. After all, he once said that you could find a loophole in anything. He’s right; you can.  However, only the desperate will exploit it.

The final point I wanted to cover was the story that has come up about how the Sussexes are backing an organisation who are crying foul of parents who “misgender” their children, according to the Telegraph UK.  Umm. You can’t choose what gender your children are.

If a child wants to identify as non-binary, that’s fine, but it should be their choice. It shouldn’t be left up to their parents. Every person on the face of the planet is different.

Also, Harry and Meghan have no right to get involved with an organisation they don’t support. They have two gendered children. The children also have recently been given gender-specific titles that they shouldn’t even have since they live in a country that doesn’t recognise them.

They Know NOTHING About Gender Equality

Not to mention, they claim to go on about equality, but here’s the thing. No one person in the universe that ever existed has ever been equal. There is no such thing as equality. Some people are born into the lower factions of society. Others, like silver-spoon-in-his-mouth Harry, were taken into the up echelons of modern society.

While Harry cannot help being born a prince to the King of England and his late first wife, he’s not intelligent enough to understand gender. After all, rumours have floated around for years that he was allegedly rough with sex workers in the army.

I have no idea if that is true, but he doesn’t have enough respect for anyone lower than his station to dictate someone’s gender, least of all when he didn’t give his children a choice in whether they were male or female or whether they wanted titles or not. Finally, we get to Meghan.

Meghan And Harry Have Zero Respect

She doesn’t respect anyone but herself. Hell, she even disrespected Harry before their first date. Cheere Denise on YouTube has been doing readings from Spare, and she found that Meghan didn’t respect Harry even in the early days of their relationship. She would’ve known there was a chance he would be late for their first date as he had an event to go to. But then, she stamped her feet when he didn’t arrive on time. Woman! You cannot help if the traffic is slow. Also, she allegedly told him to get out and walk. Who does that? He had a driver who was doing his best to get him to the restaurant on time. This shows she has no time for men who won’t do what she wants when she snaps her fingers.

Then we get to the women in her life. She befriends anyone like her and pretends to befriend and sympathise with the little people. Of course, Meghan couldn’t care less about the little people. But, if you think about it, neither does Harry.

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