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Chronicles Of Harkle: “As A Woman Of Colour” But…


The NAACP needs to research who they choose to give their awards to – Am I the only one who considers Meghan Markle’s need to remind the world of her biracial identity a slap in the face? I might be a caucasian woman, but I’ve always had great respect for the black communities of the world. My childhood best friend was a person of colour. While I might not look like them, I identify with their struggles.

Meghan Markle, an unknown actress of colour, married Prince Harry in 2018. However, something was off, and I ignored it as I chose to be impartial due to my role as an unbias journalist-in-training. I started being pulled toward the contradictions.

What Woke Us Up To Harry And Meghan’s Crap

What broke the camel’s back was the South Africa trip where Meghan cried to Tom Bradby that no one had asked her if she was okay after Archie’s birth. I realised that my unbiased approach to looking at the larger picture was flawed.

I started examining the facts. Again, I don’t care what colour Meghan’s skin is. Just because she has African-American heritage to any extent doesn’t mean she is exempt from criticism. The small things, such as closing your car door, is a no-no. The whiny, self-serving behaviour of monetising a title she has no legal claim to screams narcissism.

A True Woman Of Colour Wouldn’t Weaponise Her Race And The Diana Obsession

As I said earlier, I am a white woman, and I’ve been around people of colour my entire life. As a side note to the Sussex Squad, I don’t care if you think I’m racist. You don’t know me personally, and you’re unintelligent fools who believe anyone who doesn’t back your girl is a bigot. I could say more, but I’m not going to stoop to your level.

A true woman of colour would take a stand against racism. Also, this is not me telling people of colour how to live. I know POCs who would never use the pigment of their skin to make others comply with what they want.

Not to mention, many biracial people would NEVER push their black parents onto a stage to prove their coloured status. Yet, this, ultimately, is what Meghan did with Doria at the NAACP Awards.

Where Is Doria?

Before the award ceremony, Doria hadn’t been seen in months. Meghan mentions her mother during the Oprah interview. She claims she and her mother talked about whether Princess Diana had done an interview. So first off, Meghan would’ve known that she had. Secondly, even now, she obsesses over Diana. For example, Meghan wore a modern version of Diana’s blue one-shoulder gown.

There was also another dress. It s compared to one I’d never seen. Meghan has always been obsessed with the woman who birthed her husband. Someone who used to be close to her said she [Markle] sat through the entire length of Diana’s funeral in September 1997 and cried.

It’s hard to believe that she didn’t see her future husband behind his mother’s coffin.

Jealousy Over Catherine

I’vemanys plenty of times before, but it’s no secret that Meghan holds unbridled jealousy towards Catherine. From piercing death stares to attempting to flirt with William, she doesn’t like playing second fiddle. In Markle’s mind, she believes any guy will fall into her clutches if she bats her eyelashes. Not William.

William and Harry were told some women would seize the opportunity to date them. Catherine never cared about titles. She loved William and nothing else. Moreover, she understands what her role entails. Meghan, however, has never wanted to play by the same rules. She only said she was excited to make an impression on people during the engagement interview.

However, the second Charles walked her down the aisle on her wedding day; she believed her power eclipsed Catherine’s. However, given her status as the wife of Prince Charles’ second son, her position is not the same as the Duchess of Cambridge. Though she doesn’t see it this way, she views herself as more regal than her site, aw. However, Kate will one day become Princess of Wales and later Queen Consort. She is a woman Meghan could only dream of being like.

Meghan Is Insulted

To Meghan, this is an insult. In her eyes, people should be falling at her feet. After all, her acting career didn’t go the way she wanted. She married a producer after almost a decade of dating and divorced him only after two years.

Catherine and William have a successful marriage because they love each other. Harry wanted a marriage like this too. But all his previous girlfriends said no. So, he proposed to whatever girl was thrown his way.

Harry Views Himself As Above William

I wanted to address how Harry sees himself as more important than his older brother, who will one day become king. We all know how their mother worried about Harry’s station because of how far down the pecking order he would end up. Before William and Catherine’s eldest son, Prince George’s birth, Harry was third-in-line to the throne. This made him a spare to Wil in case something happened. However, when George is born, Harry is pushed down to fourth place. Princess Charlotte comes along, and he descends a second time. Finally, Prince Louis was born in 2018, which pushed Harry down to where he is now; sixth.

With the birth of his own children, they will be no more important than he and Meghan are. That’s not me threatening them. I would never threaten kids. I am merely stating a fact. It is well-known that the further down the pecking order you are, the less important you are. You certainly don’t see Zara Tindall or Peter Phillips complaining. They’re happy to be so far down. They weren’t tasked with all the pomp and circumstance that comes with being a working royal and having a title.

Trash The Royals, Keep The Dukedom – WTF?!

Harry believes he is making a difference in the world. Therefore, he deserves constant praise. To him, William is sitting back and enjoying the perks of being in a racist institution. We all know this is Meghan whispering in his ear during hot sex. The nerve of this woman! They need the dukedom to succeed in life. God, I cannot wait to see what could happen if they divorced and he married someone else who would become the new Duchess of Sussex.

As much as this would pain the Sussex Squad, it would be the way it should be. It’s the same in aristocratic circles. For example, William and Harry’s uncle, Charles Spencer, has been married three times. Each of his wives has had the title of Countess. His current wife is the most recent Countess Spencer.

To finish this post, I want to voice this thought, even if it is unoriginal. How can Harry and Meghan, two woke individuals sit in their Montecito Mansion and present word salads trashing the royals use their royal titles to get ahead? How the HELL does that work?

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