Did Princess Diana Eat Pearls?

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We know that Hollywood biopics are never 100% accurate. Otherwise, it’s a documentary. We were going through our NicheIQ on Ezoic and found an interesting topic; did Princess Diana eat pearls? After a quick Google search, we found out why this was included.

Apparently, in the semi-biopic Spencer, starring Kirsten Stewart as Princess Diana, there is a scene where the late Princess of Wales was sitting at a dinner party. She is so bored that she pulls her necklace of pearls from her neck and starts eating the pearls.

The Diana Eating Pearls Scene Was A Metaphor

The information about this comes from Mashed. The article states that Diana eating the pearls bit was fictional, as per Kristen Stewart herself. Stewart said in the interview that it wasn’t a literal interpretation but was more poetic. She added that it was a metaphor for how Diana felt at the moment.

This would make sense as there would’ve been a lot of tension when Diana and Charles’ separation happened in 1992. But, looking at the moment, it would seem like the metaphor would be something like, “I would instead be eating pearls than dealing with such a situation.”

In conclusion, it appears that the filmmakers took many creative liberties with the story. We don’t know how much of the film is accurate, we don’t know, but they never intended for certain bits to become part of Diana’s life. For example, were Diana and Charles frustrated during the separation and later divorce? Yes. They were in a marriage neither of them wanted to be in, plain and simple.

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