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Why The DCEU Didn’t Make The Same Huge Bucks The MCU Has


It should not even be a source of contention. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has existed since 2008 with Iron Man. The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) started in 2013 with Man of Steel. So while there has always been competition between the two comic book giants, there is no contest between their onscreen adaptations.

The MCU has proven its success by exploring characters that non-comic book readers wouldn’t know. Iron Man also saw the resurgence of Robert Downey Jr’s career after his fall from grace. Meanwhile, the DCEU failed to launch because they tried too hard to copy what Marvel was doing by making its debut film Man of Steel. While Superman would draw people in since he is a tremendous character, Zack Synder’s direction caused people to switch off. In addition, the film offered nothing new to the character’s mythos. They only added a sci-fi element and big names like Russell Crowe playing Jor-El.

Jon Favreau’s direction of Iron Man kept the character’s charm in line with the comics. The addition of mid and post-credit scenes became a staple. Marvel Studios wanted the audience to appreciate and acknowledge every person who brought the film to life.

Zack Synder Was The Worst Pick For Director

Zack Snyder could have a better track record regarding box office success for his comic book genre films. He’s directed 300 and Watchmen, which could have been better received. So, when Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman came out, it was a critical hit-and-miss. Also, the plot of BvS didn’t make sense. It served as a stepping-off point to introduce Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman to the DCEU. Also, why introduce Bruce Wayne having beef with a man he’s never met and then them both relate to having mothers with the same name? Yeah, the story could have made more sense.

The DCEU creators at Warner Brothers saw the success that Marvel Studios brought in, with multiple movies becoming juggernauts at the box office. However, their biggest mistake was bringing in the bigger guns that the audience knew and not adding anything new. Wonder Woman was changed a ton to move away from the typical attributes, including Zeus being Diana’s biological father and the removal of her being born from clay. However, the clay aspect was still a lie told to the princess by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, to hide the truth about her paternity.

Finally, the MCU has evolved past Iron Man. Since 2008, which also saw the inclusion of the Incredible Hulk as the second entry in the franchise, many of the other entries have never seen live-action before. For example, doctor Strange appeared in a 1978 television film that was supposed to become a TV show but wasn’t picked up. However, some have made it into animation. Ms Marvel and Skaar are two of those.

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