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Why It’s Easy To HATE Octavian

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Octavian. Fans of the Heroes of Olympus book series will know him as Apollo’s divine ancestor and the Augur at Camp Jupiter. He’s a little worm who thinks the Greeks are evil. This, of course, doesn’t help his relationship the Greek demigods who come back and forth to Camp Jupiter.

When Percy Jackson arrives, Octavian instantly hates him and the feeling is mutual as he believes that the Greeks are working with Gaea. If anything we feel sorry for the countless teddy bears he has gutted to tel his prophecies. He believes he is above everyone else as he is a centurion of the First Cohort. Octavian believes that he’s better than Reyna, the head of Camp Jupiter. He doesn’t think highly of her, despite not having much to do with her.

Octavian has also gone after Nico Di Angelo’s Roman half-sister, Hazel Levesque and tries to force her into voting for him to be Praetor. Moreover, he wants Nico to be an ally to him, despite his dislike of Greek demigods. Also, Pluto isn’t exactly popular amongst the Romans.

Percy says that Octavian reminds him of someone, possibly a reference to Luke Castellan, his former friend turned enemy and a son of Hermes, who redeemed himself. Also, it’s no secret that Percy loves using his title as Praetor to silence Octavian when he begins raging.

In conclusion, Octavian is bloodthirsty and loves war. He might as well be a child of Ares/Mars. It’s hard to believe his ancestor is Apollo.

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