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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Could Be The Hero Of The Storyline

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It’s safe to say that we heart Douglas Forrester! He’s such a sweet kid who knows right from wrong. Thank god Caroline Spencer taught him well before her untimely demise. We’re here today talking about Steffy Forrester learning from her nephew about what Thomas Forrester did with reporting himself to CPS using the voice change application to make himself sound like Brooke Logan Forrester.

As much as Ms Co-CEO annoys us with her typical hypocrisy, she is right about Thomas’s act against Brooke. It is disgusting. If Steffy were younger, perhaps she could’ve gotten on board with her brother’s plan. She’s done it before when they faked texts to keep their stepmother away from their father. Mind you; this was years ago.

Steffy could be the saviour of this very chaotic and bombastic storyline. How? It has come out via spoilers (thank you, @hopebethspencer on Instagram). Ms Co-CEO will flip the table (not literally, unfortunately) on her parents’ wedding. In the last episode of the previous week, we saw her slip Douglas back his phone.

Steffy Knows Brooke Loves Douglas

Now, we all know Steffy doesn’t care two figs about Brooke. However, she does not condone children being put in danger. Even she knows her on-off stepmother would never call CPS unless there were a reason. So, she believed him when Douglas opened up to her about what Thomas did and provided evidence to back up what he was saying.

Say what you want about Steffy in an ordinary Forrester v. Logan conflict, but she’s right on the money this time. She knows what Thomas did was wrong. Tommy Boy’s plan is outrageous because he doesn’t think of the more profound consequences.

So, if Hope were to find out that he threatened Douglas, she could apply for full custody. Moreover, he doesn’t think about how his plan could affect anyone outside his inner family circle, which excludes Hope, regardless of what he says.

Also, it would give Liam a chance to tell his wife, “I told you so.” Again, though, what else is new here? Steffy has to tell her father everything because Thomas won’t, and Taylor Hayes chickens out as she’s desperate to remarry “the love of her life.”

Steffy does want her parents together, but not at the cost of a lie. If the wedding goes ahead without someone speaking up and the scandal comes out later, Ridge will slam everyone who knew about it, including Taylor. So, Thomas’s scheme will be for nothing. We have to give Steffy credit where it’s due, though. This also would not be the first time she has called her brother out on his crap. She teamed up with Liam and Hope to expose him at his wedding to Zoe.

Even Steffy Has Her Limits

Even Steffy has her limits. In her mind, the Logans are evil whores who will sleep with anything that moves. You can’t convince a Forrester of anything else. Eric is excluded because he has always had a close bond with the Logans. After all, he was married to two of three of Stephen Logan’s daughters.

Steffy’s heroism may or may not be short-lived, depending on where her next storyline leads. We know that spoilers have mentioned that after the wedding, Steffy goes on the warpath, looking to get even with her brother for his manipulations. It will be interesting to see where it goes because if there’s one thing the Forrester heiress is known for, it’s getting her way.

Thomas’s primary concern is how his father will see him if the truth comes out. But, as his mother said, when he found out what he did, he should have thought about it before he decided to frame Brooke.

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