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What Is Justice League Action About?

Justice League Action

Justice League Action is a short-lived DC Comics animated series that aired between 2016 and 2018. It ran for one season and consisted of fifty-two episodes, likely referencing the New 52 era in the comics. The series featured heroes and villains outside Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. There were also a series of 22 shorts that aired over six months in 2017.

It featured, amongst others, Stargirl, Swamp Thing, the Greek gods, Granny Goodness and Red Tornado. The voice roster consisted of the late Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Grey Griffin, and Gary Cole, to name. a few.

Justice League Action was about Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman as they and their allies fought against evil. A clever tactic was used within the series where they often pair characters with similar abilities together. While this has been done in other DC properties before, they were usually put into combat with villains with similar skills and powers.

Unusual Team-Ups

Also, heroes and villains not usually seen interacting are paired together. For example, there is one episode where Stargirl has to help Harley Quinn. Usually, Harley is a Batman rogue, not a Stargirl rogue.

Another example is Booster Gold having Joker disguised as a tourist while trying to make some extra money on the side. In one episode, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow are forced to have Riddler help them free Batman from one of Joker’s traps.

Moreover, animals are seen as villains multiple times. For example, Gorilla Grodd is seen taking control of Titano, a giant chimpanzee. It puts Planet of the Apes to shame, we’re sure.

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