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What Are Jawas In Star Wars?

Jawas, Star Wars

Tatooine might be a desolate rock, as Luke Skywalker put it. But it does have an array of exciting creatures. One of which is the Jawas. Without them, you cannot have a Star Wars story based on the sand planet.

Known for their small stature of just a meter tall, Jawas are known for being scavengers. Any Jawas who did not live on Tatooine was known as Offworld Jawas, as many resided on other worlds such as Arvala-7, Vanquor and Narvarro.

Jawas on Tatooine was known to be a bit dodgy when it came to selling their goods, as Obi-Wan Kenobi points out. He says that Teeka, one of the Jawas he associates with regularly while watching over Luke Skywalker, stole and sold his parts back to him.

Years later, Petti Motto would tell Din Djarin that the little creatures were furry underneath their robes. This was a possible nod to how Star Wars creator George Lucas had initially designed the Jawas after rats. This was later changed.

Difficult To Understand

Anyway, the language was often challenging to understand. However, some understood it, such as the Ugnaught, Kuliil, who became a friend to Djarin and his adoptive son, later known as Grogu.

Jawas have a strong sense of smell. Teeka tells Obi-Wan that he can smell him from a vast distance away. However, it is unclear whether he was kidding.

Finally, Jawas were often the first on the scene of podrace crashes, where they would take whatever they could find from the wreckage. Of course, this also extended to starships that went down, as Anakin Skywalker would find out after crashing the Twilight.

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