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Ahsoka REVIEW Episode 3: Sabine And Ahsoka Get One Step Closer To Finding Ezra

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Ahsoka and Sabine are one step closer in the search for Ezra Bridger. In episode 3 of Ahsoka, entitled ‘Time to Fly‘, the friends see the purrgil for the first time since their friend disappeared. Back on Home One, Hera fights to get mission clearance from the senate but is denied.

Those fans who watched the Season premiere of The Mandalorian‘s third season will remember seeing the purrgil going through hyperspace at the same time Dinn and Grogu were. We want to stress that some of the events in this review will be slightly out of order. We’ll explain a few things.

We Get Jacen Syndulla And Mon Mothma

Unfortunately, there isn’t much Hera in this episode, but we see her son Jacen for the first time and guess what? He has green hair! Many fans were concerned about a LEGO set that showed the minifig with brown hair. Also, one of the awesome things we get from him is that he refers to Sabine as “Aunt Sabine.” While he only appears in one scene, it indicates that he is close to at least Sabine. We don’t know about Zeb or Kallus.

Moreover, we know from a recent promo that Jacen will at least appear in one more episode, seated in the co-pilot chair of the Ghost. It was surprising that Chancellor Mon Mothma was the first to mention Jacen. Star Wars Rebels fans will remember that Mothma, as a senator, went on the run after she publicly denounced the Empire and ended up teaming up with the Ghost crew.

Also, Mon implies that Jacen and Chopper love causing mischief when they’re left alone.

Senator Hamato Xiono Is A Douch!

It’s also clear that Mon is very fond of Jacen and, of course, everyone’s favourite droid war criminal, Chopper. The meeting that was called went downhill quickly, especially with Senator Xiono (Nelson Lee). Now, for those fans wondering why that name sounds so familiar, it is because Hamato Xiono was a recurring character in Star Wars Resistance as his son, Kaz, was the main character of that show. In Resistance, Xiono was voiced by Tzi Ma.

The senators involved with the meeting refuse to accept Hera’s revelation that Thrawn, and therefore, Ezra, are still alive. They believe she uses Thrawn’s name to get resources for the rebellion. Hera attempts to fight but is shot down quickly when she becomes emotional, indirectly mentioning Kanan’s death.

As Hera turns to leave, Mon looks concerned, but there is only so much she can do despite being the Chancellor of the New Republic.

Jammed Communications And The Dogfight

Hera makes brief contact with Ahsoka and Sabine as their search for Ezra Bridger heats up, and Sabine is far from impressed by what they are told. The hologram cuts out prematurely, prompting Huyang to announce they’re being jammed.

Sabine and Ahsoka engage in a dogfight with Shin Hati. When their ship takes heavy damage and Huyang is pulled offline, Ahsoka is forced to take a spacesuit out and defend off Shin’s attacks with her lightsabers.

One of our favourite moments in the episode was when Huyang mentions Ahsoka’s untraditional Jedi Lineage and how Sabine is a part of it.

The Purrgil Becomes A Saving Grace

As Sabine gets the ship back online, the Purrgil shows up to provide cover for Ahsoka and Sabine to escape Shin. As referenced earlier, Sabine comments that they haven’t seen the space whales since Ezra disappeared. This could be a nod to the notion that Thrawn and Ezra are already back in the galaxy. Where they are currently is unclear. This is just a thought, nothing concrete as of yet.

Shin makes a backhanded comment to Morgan Elsbeth, saying, “Congratulations, you almost got them.” Also, Baylen knew Ahsoka and Sabine were going to land on the planet and were waiting for them.

This was a good episode and keeps the story moving. Though, it was semi-filler. A few things should have been cut out, like Baylan being there for one scene at the end. Sure, Jacen and Chopper had one scene, too, to build their relationships with other characters.

Speaking of Chopper, he should have been in the episode more or cut altogether. Mon’s dialogue about him and Jacen was enough to convey that they love creating trouble.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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