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Was Palpatine Afraid Of Anakin?


Sheev Palpatine has a LOT to answer for, but was he afraid of Anakin? A while ago, we wrote about our thoughts on whether Palpatine was fearful of the Skywalkers. We know the man is twisted and how he ruined the Skywalker family. Luke and Leia grew up without their parents and had no idea the other existed. However, this time, we wanted to discuss whether he was scared of Anakin.

We believe that, yes, Palpatine was afraid of Anakin to some extent. As we stated in our earlier article on the Skywalkers, the Chancellor turned Emperor didn’t want the Skywalkers to gain more power than he had. This might be the reason he targeted Anakin in the beginning.

Palpatine’s obsession with power fuels him, and his thirst to rule it all drives his ambition and evil. His ultimate worry was that Anakin would eclipse him, and he could not have that happening. The Sith Lord wore him down. He played on his deepest fears. Losing the woman he loved more than the entire galaxy and their unborn child was the tipping point.

Sheev Hates The Idea Of Anakin Having A Family

The love Anakin had for his family wasn’t just his strength. It became a weakness Palpatine exploited. Sheev’s fear of this emotion making Skywalker more powerful was not something he wanted. He knew Anakin had great potential to be a Jedi, given his raw power. After all, he did have to beg Skywalker to join him in Revenge of the Sith.

Could it have been possible that Palpatine was desperate for an apprentice that would eclipse him? Yes, entirely possible as it is what Sith do. They kill each other when they have enough power to overthrow their masters. Also, it should be noted that Vader and Palpatine never fully trusted each other. They would stab each other, literally, in the back if it were necessary.

He was one of the few people who knew about Anakin and Padmé, but they had no idea he knew. However, it was not until he tried to turn Skywalker the first time did he reveal he was aware. Palpatine had a full plan and Padmé and the baby were not part of it.

It’s surprising that no one questioned whether Padmé was Force-sensitive during her pregnancy. We know that Leia was Force-sensitive due to who her biological father was. Finally, we wonder what life would’ve been like for the Skywalkers and the galaxy if Anakin had not turned to the dark side.

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