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Two New Updates On The Murder Of Woman At Canberra Zoo – The Victim’s Identity And A Not Guilty Plea

Tshewang Choden, not guilty

The name of the 29-year-old Bhutanese woman who was allegedly murdered at Canberra Zoo on Monday has been identified as Tshewang Choden. Her alleged killer, sous chef Jude Wijesinghe, has pleaded not guilty at a bedside hearing, according to The Riot Act.

Tshewang Choden was heard screaming by people who were close to the scene of the crime. Her body was found in a kitchen storeroom with the alleged murder weapon, a knife, close by. Wijesinghe was sent to the Canberra hospital with self-inflicted injuries.

It is unclear what led to the attack on Ms Choden, which caused her death. Her family was informed. The National Zoo and Aquarium, also known as the Canberra Zoo, put out a statement after the murder.

Later in the day, the police raided Jude’s apartment, and people who lived in the Oaks Estate where he was living said he was a “good neighbour”. They told the police they didn’t think he was in a relationship as they didn’t see any women coming or going.

Moreover, the Bhutanese embassy has contacted Tshewang Choden’s family and has been offered counselling if needed. Elsewhere, Jude Wijesinghe is set to appear in court in April 2024. Lastly, He was arrested, charged and refused bail.

He also did not apply for bail.

Tshewang Choden’s Will Need To Be Examined

Moreover, an autopsy will provide better insight into how Ms Choden died, but it is believed that she died from stab wounds. Furthermore, when the murder occurred and the body was found, the Zoo and all associated businesses, such as Wijesinghe’s workplace; the Jamala Wildlife Lodge, were closed. Moreover, this was done out of respect to everyone involved, including the victim and her family.

It is unclear why Jude has pleaded Not Guilty, as he was the only suspect.

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