Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty… Again!


Loughlin is at it again… She has pleaded not guilty…

Who does Lori Loughlin think she is? That’s the question we’re asking ourselves as the actress has pleaded not guilty… again… as she enters court for the role she and her husband Mossimo Gianulli played in the College Admissions Scandal. The couple, who are parents to YouTuber Olivia Jade and her older sister, Isabella payed $500,000 to get them into the University of Southern California.

Does Loughlin have a death sentence or is her ego so bloated that she doesn’t realise she’ll be taken away from her family if the courts find her guilty? Whatever the case might be, she should think about her daughters and their feelings rather than what she wants for them.

If you watch interviews with Loughlin where college is mentioned, it seems she is more excited for her daughters to go than they are. Regardless if you’re fan of Lori or her daughters, her behaviour is undeniable. She is trying to live a life she never got to lead through both her girls. What kind of mother does that?

The Push

If there’s one thing that the last year has proven, Lori Loughlin is not a woman people should admire. We’ve known people who have tried to live through their children by trying to pick their career path for them only for it to backfire.

While we do do not condone Olivia’s actions like posting THIS photo:

We can relate (to a degree) to what she was going through. She was forced to go to college and when she didn’t want to. She said in multiple videos she hated school and didn’t want to learn while she was there. Also, where does she get off giving girls advice on the college admission process when she didn’t fill the forms out and her mummy and daddy bribed to get her admitted.

Loughlin And Her Insecurities About her Wealth

It’s recently been reported that Lori and Mossimo have put their Bel Air mansion up for sale. Instyle reveals that the real estate move as nothing to do with the court case and that Giannulli thinks it’s time to to move on from the house since all the renovation he wanted to do on it is complete.

Given everyone knows the Giannulli/Loughlin family live in the house, it’s doubtful someone will want to buy it. Another thing we wanted to bring up here is how Loughlin is insecure about her wealth.

Breaking it down, Loughlin thinks she’ll get off and not go to prison because she’s a household name. Also, her criminal record was non-existent until she was caught up in Operation: Varsity Blues. Basically, because of her goody-too shoes persona, she should get off. That’s what she’s thinking and doesn’t think the law apply to her because she’s Aunt Becky.

If what we’ve read is true and she contacted a prison consultant and was oblivious to what she had done wrong, it could be noted that she uses the “I was trying to help my daughters succeed” excuse too much.

Loughlin has a god complex by forcing her daughters to go to college when they didn’t want to go. All she wanted to was to brag to her equally rich friends that her daughters were going to USC. Lori thinks of herself and her family as well-respected due to her being the squeaky clean Aunt Becky on Full House and Fuller House.

Will Lori Ever Realise What She Did Was Wrong?

One thing that we need to ask ourselves is will Loughlin ever realise what she did was wrong? Probably not, but if she ends up in prison, she might want to take a long hard look at herself. She might want to think about how her daughters felt when the truth came out.

She might even want to consider the people she hurt. This includes the kids who could have benefited from those crew positions. If anything, she should issue a public apology to everyone she hurt.

As for Olivia, since she is such a YouTube star and the ultimate diva, she should make a video about how NOT to wrong people. We’ve seen clips of her and she comes off as someone who only loves money and fame.

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