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Zoo Murder Suspect Identified As A Sous Chef

Jude Wijesinghe, zoo chef

The suspect in the murder of a female Canberra Zoo worker has been identified as Jude Wijesinghe, a Zoo chef. The Daily Mail broke the news, revealing that the police have raided his apartment where he has been, according to residents, living for a year or two.

Jude Wijesinghe is described as a motorcycle and fitness lover. He has been working all over Australia as a Sous chef. His current position is as a chef at the National Zoo & Aquarium, where he works in the Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

He studied cooking in Melbourne after moving to Australia from Sri Lanka. He graduated in 2019, and he ran a blog, showing off his culinary creations.

All that is known about Jude Wijesinghe and the female victim, who is believed to have been of Bhutanese descent, is that they were coworkers. Also, the police are currently trying to establish if there was any romantic relationship and what the motive was.

Neighbours of Wijesinghe were asked about any potential relationship he could’ve had, and they said, as far as they were aware, he was single. Furthermore, no women had been spotted going to or from the apartment. He was also known to be “a good neighbour.”

Zoo Chef Jude Wijesinghe: The Suspect In Zoo Worker’s Murder

It is believed that Wijesinghe stabbed the woman in the storeroom of a kitchen at the Zoo. His motive is still unclear at this time. Moreover, it was reported that there were screams before the body was found.

Finally, the suspect was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for self-inflicted wounds and is under police guard. A knife was found at the scene.

Furthermore, we will be continuing our coverage of this story as more information is available.

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