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The Meghan Markle Book Pick That Was Alarming – OPINION

Meghan Markle does not strike us as someone who would read The Martian. Yes, you read that correctly. The woman who was obsessed with Eat, Pray, Love, has read sci-fi. As someone who has been a sci-fi fan for many years, when I saw this on a Book Riot Meghan Markle book recommendations list, I thought it was a massive joke. But no. She has read The Martian, otherwise, why would it be on a list of books?

When I think of Meghan Markle’s book interests my thoughts are that she’d be into inspirational books about yoga, pilates and women’s empowerment, not The Martian or anything science fiction. The same applies to anything that was on her list that was by Stephen King.

For those who might not know, Stephen King, despite being well-known for his horror novels, also writes other genres.

Given everything that has come out about Meghan Markle since she married Prince Harry, it appears that she may have “read” all these different books to draw people to The Tig. This would not be surprising at all because Tom Bower hinted at this a tiny bit in his book Revenge.

Sam Kashner, who interviewed Meghan for the Vanity Fair piece, She’s Just Wild About Harry, told Bower that Markle had London-themed books on her coffee table, in an attempt to bait him to ask her about Harry.

We’ve also seen Meghan use books as props in videos she has filmed for various events.

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I don’t believe she has a great literary mind because if she were, it would show in her writing. The Bench is the only book she has written (thus far), and it bombed. What child knows what the word ‘kin’ means or what a bench is?

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