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Downfall: Prince Harry And Meghan Thought The World Loved Them, Only For Their Plans Of “World Domination” To Hit Them In The Face – OPINION

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Shallon Lester has every right to be pissed. Her brand is suffering due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dragging her name through the mud in their self-titled reality series on Netflix. According to the couple, she was one of the “trolls” being mean to them online. For a pair who claim not to be on social media or know what’s in the press at all, they sure do know what people are saying about them.

While Shallon’s name was not directly mentioned in the series, a clip from one of her YouTube videos was shown alongside Daisy Cousens, an Australian media commentator who has slammed them multiple times on her YouTube channel. According to the New York Post, Lester is now looking to sue Harry and Meghan for defamation. She joins Samantha Markle, the former actress’ half-sister, who is also suing for what was said in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

The Climb Up The Social Ladder

Meghan doesn’t understand that if she wants to be loved by the world, she needs to be nice to people, not fake nice. To indirectly quote Harry, who claimed in his memoir Spare that his stepmother, Camilla, “left bodies in the streets” on her way to becoming Queen. His wife does the same thing Camilla is accused of doing.

Markle has left a trail of victims on her way up. It would be more than a page if they were to be listed. Only a select few people know where she has bodies buried. If she were to dump them, it would be game over for her and Harry. These individuals include:

  • Doria Ragland – Meghan’s mother who isn’t as innocent as she appears.
  • Jessica Mulroney – The former best friend who attempted to have her Pippa Middleton moment at the 2018 wedding. She could be nasty in what she reveals.
  • Markus Anderson – One of the people who would have a lot of dirty on Meghan and possibly Harry is Markus, who is one of the only people who has remained in her life for more than a decade.
  • Lindsay Jill Roth – One of Meghan’s oldest friends, Lindsay, has known Meghan since their days at Northwestern University. If there’s one person who would know a lot about her, it’s Roth. However, Lindsay is one of Meghan’s minor lapdogs, unlike Jessica. You rarely hear from her unless Meghan sends her to do her bidding.
  • Abigail Spencer – Like Lindsay, Abigail is one of Meghan’s lapdogs who would have much dirt on her.  Much like Lindsay, she was on the reality Netflix show and came up with another version of the miscarriage.
  • Prince Harry – Meghan’s husband and baby daddy, would be incredibly dangerous if he woke up. He could expose her for the person is.

Don’t Eff With Shallon Lester

It’s been said before. Shallon Lester is not someone you want to mess with. For those unaware, she worked as the editor of the American tabloid Star. She said in one of her videos on Meghan that all the stuff that was written about Hollywood celebs was true. But when it came to the royals, it was a toss-up with what was real and what wasn’t, as the palace was tight-lipped. However, when Meghan arrived, people started talking like they’d been given too much red cordial.

Shallon explained that she knew that Meghan would leak to the American tabloids as she had spoken to Star and had to present her driver’s licence, which said that the actress identified as Caucasian, not as African-American, nor is she listed as biracial.

Why would Shallon have a reason to lie about that? Yes, she was the editor of a tabloid, but she’s honest and isn’t someone who would be dishonest about it. Unlike Meghan’s beloved mouthpiece, Omid Scobie, Lester has journalistic integrity and values others over herself. She also doesn’t have to alter her appearance to be comfortable.

Shallon appeared on Dan Wootton’s show and called the Sussexes “Garden variety jerks” and said there was no conspiracy to get them as they were just unlikeable people.

Once A Mouthpiece, Always A Mouthpiece

Omid Scobie is no royal reporter. He’s a weasel looking for his next feed. He buys all this luxury stuff… with a journalist’s salary, which isn’t much, regardless of who you work for. Sure, he got a lot for Finding Freedom, but he probably got the money from his businessman father.

But here’s the thing. He’s only a royal reporter when he’s reporting on the Sussexes, who are no longer working royals. He even dares to blame Prince William for banning him from royal tours. He covered the Prince and Princess of Wales’s wedding in 2011. But no one knew who he was until he started covering the Sussexes.

For those who mightn’t know, Omid started his career at the British tabloid, Heat. He quit when he was called a racist term in emails. Whether this is true is unclear, as Mister Scobie is just as much a liar as Meghan is. He lied about his age, claiming he was 33 when he was much older. What journalist lies about their age and gets upset when another well-respected journalist calls him out on it?

The Lies

The biggest lie he has told is when he signed court documents swearing up and down that he had no contact with Harry and Meghan when he wrote Finding Freedom. That’s illegal to lie in court documents. It came up that Harry and Meghan did have contact with him, as there were emails to prove it. He has made it clear that he does not like Catherine, the Princess of Wales. Nor does he like William. Omid will do everything in his power to discredit the couple. However, no one, except the Sussex groupies, will listen to a word he has to say because he has put his foot in it multiple times. The most times you reveal yourself to be a liar, the more likely people will tune out.

Omid sees Meghan as the best thing since sliced bread was invented, and he considers it racist that the royal family didn’t want her in their midst. His reasoning is her race, and he claims he can relate to her, hence why he is her “friend. It has nothing to do with her race, and Omid knows it.

He claims people don’t like him because he is of Iranian descent. About 90% of people don’t care if he’s Iranian in descent. People don’t give a damn about Meghan’s mixed-race ethnicity either. When it comes to Omid, people criticise him due to his one-sided reporting and his overall behaviour. The same applies to Meghan Markle.

No One is Jealous, And Everyone Else Get The Blame

One of the stupidest parts of Meghan’s logic is that she claims her critics are jealous of her, as per RadarOnline.  The Daily Mail reports that both the Sussexes blame their “string of bad luck” on world events for interfering in their plans to conquer Hollywood. They blame COVID, of course, but what has people upset is that they’re crying that the deaths of Prince Philip and The Queen ruined their chances of raking in the big bucks.

We can imagine the conversations that are being had between the Sussexes now if they’re still together. “Everyone is jealous because they’re not us, H and everyone that talks trash about us are trolls and racists!” That’s just our version of what is likely being said.

Prince Philip and Her Majesty The Queen died believing the world saw them as racists. If Harry and Meghan did care about them, they would have shut down that narrative instantly. But they didn’t. They thrived off the drama that was stirred up.

Moreover, they had the backing of two of the wokest black celebrities in Hollywood; Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. Neither knows anything about the British Royal family or any monarchy, yet they believe it is their God-given right to slam Harry’s relatives without knowing all the facts.

The Woke Just Don’t Get It

Tyler Perry said that if Lilibet was going to be Christened in the UK, he didn’t want to be associated with the “racist” royals. He might be rich, but he’s an idiot. He fell for a bogus story like Oprah did. Also, where is his support now? He nor Oprah have come to Harry and Meghan’s defence since Bill Simmons, the executive at Spotify, called them “effing grifters.”

Simmons can make or break someone’s career. Tyler and Oprah would be nothing without their wealthy backers and friends like Gayle King. Their desire to be friends with royalty is evident. Why else did Winfrey go to the royal wedding when she barely knew Meghan or Harry? The only connection she has to the family is through Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York, who has done a few interviews with her.

The Queen’s Tears

In the eyes of Meghan Markle, the Queen was just a little old lady. She had no respect for her whatsoever. Harry was ticked off when she did that disgusting “medieval” curtsey on the Netflix series. The Daily Star reported when the show aired in December 2022 that body language expert, the Body Language Guy said that the Duke of Sussex did not look happy that his wife was mocking a tradition that showed his grandmother respect.

That was the thought of many people at the time. Then, at the Queen’s funeral, she did a deep curtsey before the coffin to show that she could do it better than Catherine, the Princess of Wales. According to some Megxit community members, it was also done to show off the brand on the bottom of her heeled shoes. Meghan’s tears were fake. She’s a trained actress who can cry on cue from just her left eye.

A rumour has come out that said that the Queen insisted she watch the Oprah interview to see what her grandson and his wife were going to say. By the end, she was in tears, knowing what was said was lies. She welcomed Meghan into the family. As had other members.

Compassion Starts With Action

For a woman who preaches to the masses about “compassion in action” and “women’s rights”, Meghan doesn’t encompass any of those values. Where was her compassion for her dad? Or even Prince Philip? Before the Oprah interview, one story claimed that Markle even believed the Duke of Edinburgh was sick and that the palace was trying to muzzle her and prevent her from having the “tell-all” aired.

Three weeks after the interview aired, Prince Philip died aged 99. Meghan claimed she couldn’t join her husband at the funeral as she was too pregnant, despite being able to fly to New York from the UK during her first pregnancy. However, her absence wasn’t precisely missed despite making the event about herself. When the camera panned to the family wreaths laid for members unable to attend due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Meghan’s PR people put off the details of what was in her wreath the second it was in focus.

It was also speculated that the note on top of the coffin was from Markle. It was not. The only person who should have any right to do so is his grieving widow. Why would his vengeful and spiteful granddaughter-in-law be allowed to do this when no one in the family who loved him couldn’t do it?

The “Outsiders”

Some would argue it would be because Meghan and Philip were both “outsiders” in the family. Umm. No. What about Autumn Kelly, Peter Phillips’ ex-wife? She’s Canadian. What about Gary Lewis, Lady Davina Windsor’s ex-husband? He’s Maori. Autumn and Gary were outsiders too. Oh, right. Meghan only wants an association with the high-ranking royals, not the second or third tier.

Also, Meghan’s statement that she had a loving relationship with Prince Philip is total bollocks. It’s laughable. The royals have never been afraid to welcome people from different nationalities into their ranks. They included Wallis Simpson but were cold towards her as Edward VIII chose her over the throne. The Queen Mother never forgave him for allowing her husband, Albert (later King George VI), to go to an early grave.

According 2Taz did an incredible video where she spoke about Harry and Meghan’s relationship backstory to the present day. She calls Harry a lousy brother, husband, friend, grandson, cousin, father and son. Taz isn’t wrong. Since Markle came on the scene, the prince has gone from beloved to wretched and dares to complain that everyone else is the problem and that he and his wife are perfect and have never done anything wrong.

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