Busting Boredom: Lady Colin Campbell Reveals Duchess Meghan Was ‘Bored’ At Prince Charles’ Birthday Party

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Lady Colin Campbell hasn’t held back in her opinions of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Her new book reveals what happened at Prince Charles’ birthday. She was ‘bored’.

People have an unrealistic view on what it would be like to be royal. It appears that the Duchess of Sussex had the same view. Just days after her fairytale wedding to husband Prince Harry, Lady Colin Campbell’s sources revealed that the then-new royal wife reportedly claimed she was ‘bored’ after only fifteen minutes at her father-in-law, Prince Charles’ 70th birthday garden party.

Who does Meghan think she is? As a daughter-in-law of the future King of England, she was REQUIRED to be there as support. He walked her part way down the aisle in place of her own father. How dare she snub him by claiming she was bored?

We’ve spoken about Meghan being a fame addict before, but we wanted to rehash that a little here. Being as drunk on her status as she is, wouldn’t it have been easier for her NOT to complain and just be supportive? As we’ve stated before, we’re not judging the duchess. We’re just making an observation. Sure, being a party that isn’t being thrown in your honour is likely to make you bored, but Charles isn’t just anyone.

He’s going to be king someday and Meghan is all about status. She should’ve realised that the party was NOT about her. There has always been zero chance of her and Harry ever being the throne. Not to mention, Meghan didn’t even try to mingle. She thought they’d just shake hands and say a few nice things and leave. Sorry love, but that is NOT what happens in the royal family.

Fame Addict Gets Bored?

Sure, it’s easy to become bored when you’re mixing with people who are not of the same pedigree as you. Meghan is an American commoner who married into a royal family of high regard. Due to her inexperience and the fact that she does not like to be told ‘no’, the Duchess of Sussex cannot be blamed for entering the boredom phrase.

However, she would had to stick it out as Harry allegedly told her they had to stay regardless if she liked it. Now, Meghan is used to getting what she wants. This would’ve been a massive wakeup call for her. Given her career in Hollywood, she would’ve been told ‘yes’ to without hesitation. The royal family is NOT tinseltown.

So, what if you’re bored? The party is not about you and it was never going to be. She should have shown how thankful she was as she was given more pre-marriage privileges than other royal spouses. Catherine didn’t get to stand at the Queen’s side at Buckingham Palace the second she married William. If Lady Campbell is correct, then the former Ms Markle didn’t fit in as she’d hoped.

Lies, Lies, More Lies!

According to Lady Campbell, the engagement video says all we need to hear. The couple have all but lied when they have said that they have not gotten what they wanted. When Harry and Meghan announced they were engaged, they claimed that Markle was being treated very well. However, if we fast-forward to the Africa interview, they appeared stress and on the verge of tears.

Clearly, this was all an act. Meghan claimed that she expected everything to be fair, but not easy. Ah… what the hell is the difference? The royal family welcomed her with the stereotypical phrase ‘with open arms’ only for her to say they weren’t nice to her?

The interview she and Harry did – like Prince Andrew’s – was a total train wreck. Sure, it was a cry for help in the way Andy’s was not, however, the Sussexes have twisted the narrative to the point everyone can see through the lies.

Sure, there are people out there who will support them no matter what, but the truth is obvious. They just want attention.

Insulted And Bullied?

According to an article by Page Six written back in February, Meghan was reportedly ‘insulted’ by the way the family apparently treated her and her prince of a husband. Ah… okay, whatever, Megs.

Forget the whole ‘I’m bored’ situation. This is a little more serious. First off, why would she say something when she was welcomed warmly to begin with? Was it because Harry was the Queen’s ‘favourite’ grandchild? The article also states that she was also upset over not being able to use the Sussex Royal name after leaving the Firm. If Page Six’s article is right, Megs doesn’t blame the Queen and feels she was ‘pressured’ into telling them ‘no’.

Going Back To Lady Campbell

Let’s get back to the whole reason we’re here: Lady Colin Campbell and her new book. We’ve mentioned in earlier posts that the socialite is known for her controversial views, but many of her claims have turned out to be true. One of those was that Princess Diana suffered from Bulimia. Another example is that she also had an affair with James Hewitt who for the longest time was believed by some to be Harry’s biological father.

Diana herself confirmed the affair and her bodyguard even backed up that Hewitt was NOT Harry’s father as the prince had been born long before the affair even started. The princess even stated that the reason her youngest son had red hair was because of his Spencer genetics which include red hair.

We don’t necessarily believe everything Lady Campbell says, but she has raised fair points. Everything about Meghan being a fame addict to being an opportunist is all but accurate.

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