5 Subtle But Hilarious Moments From Stargirl S03E01: The Murder

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Stargirl is BACK for Season 3, and it’s still hilarious as ever. So, for this post, we wanted to explore five of the funniest moments from the premiere episode. Of course, there are so many, but we decided only to include five for our sanity.

Before we begin, we have to say that we’re scared for the show’s future as we still haven’t heard anything about a renewal. But we’ve seen people saying, ‘ The CW is in necessary condition’. We must agree with this statement as it cut its programming down to the bones (no pun intended).

With the ratings dwindling last week, we’re dreading what the DVR ratings will be when they come in. Hopefully, all the social media activity and Shawn McBee and the cast’s announcement at DragonCon will be enough to raise the ratings for this week’s episode.

On a less serious note, let’s get into the post.

1. Jakeem And Thunderbolt’s Awkwardness Around The Shade

So, we begin the hilarious antics of the season with Jakeem and Thunderbolt. With Mike away on his family vacation to Yellowstone, Jakeem is working on his paper route. Thunderbolt is along for the ride and rears his head when they reach the Zarick family’s house, where the Shade now resides.

Our boy, Dickie waves and Jakeem returns the gesture but struggles to keep his fear in check as he does so. Finally, Thunderbolt (now voiced by the delightfully funny Seth Green) tells him to keep riding (his bike) as The Shade is utterly terrifying.

2. Anytime Beth’s Parents Try To Convince Her To Get A New Suit

One of the hilarious aspects of the episode was Beth’s parents’ over-the-top niceties. For example, when we’re reintroduced to Beth, she’s asleep in her bed when Bridget and James surprise her with breakfast in bed and fabric swatches for a new suit.

The awkwardness could not be more hilarious. The attention Beth has been craving from her parents has started to wear thin as they’re in her face all the time, and she hates it. What’s more, Beth is trying to make her parents see that the colours they want her to wear as Doctor Mid-Nite are the same as Rick’s, but they won’t want to hear it.

Beth later confesses that she wishes she hadn’t given her parents the phone number attached to the goggles.

3. Paula, Artemis And Larry

When the Crocks showed up at the Whitmore-Dugans’ doorstep during the Season 2 finale, we knew some hilarious antics would be involved. The premiere was no exception to this rule. The first thing that happens is Paula telling Pat to tell Barbara that they HAVE to meet for coffee.

Pat says, “Oh, she’ll be thrilled”, before heading inside and uttering, “No she won’t” under his breath. Later in the episode, Larry breaks into the Whitmore-Dugan house at five in the morning and makes breakfast. Artemis suddenly appears at the JSA’s table at school and goes crazy, leaving the team and her friends somewhat confused.

Another instance with Paula is when she storms into Barbara’s office at the American Dream. She all but demands that Artemis be put on the JSA. Terrified, Barb tells her that she’s not the one who decides who becomes a team member.

4. The Door

A running gag at the beginning is when Pat and Courtney disagree on whether they should lock the door. Pat wants to close it, so the Crocks don’t break in. However, Courtney intends to leave it unlocked because they need to show the Crocks they can be trusted.

5. “I Didn’t Do It.”

While this last one doesn’t exactly scream hilarious, it has a darker tone. When the JSA arrive at the crime scene of Sharpe’s murder, Cindy is there with the literal smoking gun and says, “I didn’t do it.” What makes this one darkly funny is she says it in a way that sounds desperate which is not something we’re used to seeing with her.

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