THEORY TIME: Why Did Sophie, The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Give Meghan Markle A Dirty Look At Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral?

Editor’s Note: In this article, Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh, will be referred to by her new title, not as the Countess of Wessex, except at the beginning. Meghan Markle will not be referred to as The Duchess of Sussex.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on September 19 2022. We all remember the scene of most of the leading royal women standing together, putting on what appeared to be a united front. However, one moment from the possession that most spectators overlooked was the dirty look Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh (formerly the Countess of Wessex) gave to her niece-in-law, Meghan Markle.

Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh, Meghan Markle
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Sophie, The Duchess Of Edinburgh’s Close Bond With The Late Queen

For those who mightn’t be aware, Sophie, unlike Meghan Markle, had an incredibly close relationship with the late Queen. She often spent significant amounts of time with her. She and her husband, Edward, Her Majesty’s youngest son, would watch television with her and visit her frequently.

Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, was in the Queen’s inner circle with Princess Anne and often referred to her as “mama.” Her Majesty saw her as a second daughter.

Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh
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The Dirty Look Sophie Aimed At Meghan Markle

So, let’s jump back to the dirty look Meghan Markle received from Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh. What exactly happened there? Well, we don’t know for sure, but we can speculate. It is well-established that the former actress has no place in the British royal family. She has trashed and vilified the family while claiming she had close relationships with The Queen and Prince Philip when she did not.

When Prince Philip died in 2021, Sophie was visibly upset while she was visiting The Queen with her husband. This shows she had a close bond with both of them.

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However, Meghan Markle had no time for a couple of older people she supposedly loved and adored. The Queen and Prince Philip went to their graves, estranged from Prince Harry.

Sophie might’ve given Meghan a dirty look for a couple of reasons. One was to ensure she didn’t pick on Princess Charlotte like before the 2018 wedding. Secondly, she could’ve been ticked off because Markle got upset she couldn’t go to Balmoral, prompting most of the senior royals to miss their final goodbyes.

The Duchess of Edinburgh was allowed to go to Balmoral because she was close to The Queen. Meghan only wanted to be there to make it look like she was close to the Queen. The King (then Prince of Wales) rang Harry to say he was welcome, but his wife wasn’t. He also pointed out that Catherine wouldn’t be there, which she wasn’t.

Camilla, the then-Duchess of Cornwall, was there because Charles was. Sir Timothy Lawerence wasn’t there, nor were the royal spouses or grandchildren outside William and Harry. So, why Meghan was complaining is beyond us. It also caused the rest of the family to miss seeing The Queen before she passed.

Outside Forces?

Another idea for the dirty look is that something likely happened behind closed doors. One explanation could be that it got around that a photo of Meghan and Harry walking down the stairs inside Buckingham Palace was taken from a long-lens camera.

Meghan Markle
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This is a breach of privacy, and given that Meghan is looking directly at where the camera is pointing, she knew where it would be. Her tactics are overly predictable.

Finally, Sophie’s dirty look at Meghan Markle could also have been how she talked to staff or other family members. There is also a famous clip where Meghan told the aide to do something in a tone indicating bossiness and giving the vibe of “I’m the royal, do what the eff I say,” and not realising there’s a camera filming her passing the flowers off like she doesn’t want to touch them.

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