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The Bold And The Beautiful: Brooke Rallies Bill, Thomas Makes A Point

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This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful has been explosive at best. Though in today’s episode, Thomas made a good point regarding Liam. Also, Brooke goes to Bill looking for support to use against her stepson.

Los Angeles is full of crazy people. Just ask Brooke Logan. Her stepson is going after her daughter and only she, Liam, and Bill can see it. Meanwhile, Thomas calls his rival a waffler for jumping between Steffy and Hope, but is pleased he’s with his sister. There’s much truth behind his point that we physically want to to hurl!

Ohh, man! This is going to be get messy real quickly!

Brooke Seeks Bill’s Help

We all know Brooke’s history with Bill, but can she rely on him in her fight against Thomas? Maybe. He’s made it no secret he wants Liam with Steffy and Kelly, but he cannot stand the Forrester heir anymore than he take Ridge.

Brooke fills him in on what’s going on with Thomas and how he threw Zoe a birthday party which is out of character for him. She also asks him tell Liam (who is present) to go back to Hope so he can protect her against her obsessed fanboy.

While Bill says nothing about the whole Liam going back to Hope thing, he does say that there’s no way the Logan heiress will fall Thomas’s manipulations. Liam runs out of the office, determined to make a point to Thomas and to prove he’s still using Douglas and Zoe to get to Hope.

Thomas Makes A Point About Liam’s Waffling Ways

Thomas has always hated Liam for leaving his sister and taking Hope from him. However, during their confrontation, he brought up an excellent point. He says that his foe is a waffler, someone you jumps between lovers. While the man is evil, he’s right about that.

Liam has spent the last ten years going back and forth between Steffy and Hope. He basically Ridge 2.0 while his two baby mamas are each of their mothers respectively. Every time something happens, he goes running back to the one he’s not with.

One example is when Steffy confessed to sleeping with Bill around the time Kelly was conceived and Liam went straight back to Hope. When Beth was illegally adopted as Phoebe, the grieving mother pushed her husband to back to her stepsister. She handed him annulment papers, announced she was ‘infertile so he could be a full-time father to the girls. To prove she wanted to be a mother to Douglas, she married Thomas but refused to sleep with him.

Liam just gives up everything goes wrong. The kiss with Steffy wasn’t orchestrated by him or his eldest daughter’s mother. Thomas forced his sister to kiss him because she wants him back, regardless of what her brother says.

Thomas Isn’t Much Better Than Liam

Sure, Liam jumps between women, but Thomas sees the ladies in his life as toys. He wants Hope, but he’s fooling Zoe to make his ideal lover jealous so she’ll jump into his arms. His daydreams are enough to make anyone sick. Having the ‘love of his life’ call him sexy and wanting to make out with him on the day of her mother’s funeral, an event she’s not even upset about is creepy as hell!

Thomas has only ever used women. He doesn’t know what true love is. He even went so far as to marry a woman to ensure she wasn’t deported which is also something Liam did with Ivy. However, the cases are different. John’s daughter had dual citizenship because her father is American and her mother is Australian.

All Thomas does is scheme to get what he wants: the ideal family via the use of manipulation. Liam isn’t the perfect guy, but at least he has enough guts to see what his arch enemy is doing and how he’s going about achieving his goal.

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