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Using the race card under false pretences is diminishing to those who do fall under the attack of hate crimes – I’ve seen it time and again. The woke crowd claim if you don’t follow their philosophies, you’re a part of the racism scourge. This is giving the middle finger to the concept of free speech. The world is still dealing with the pandemic, and the last thing anyone needs is the racism topic to topple the effort to get back to some form of normalcy.

Now, for those who are new to Project Fangirl, I want to say welcome. It’s great to have you with us. I want to say, that as a white woman, it’s humbling to have different people enjoying the site. I’m also aware that there are people who hate my opinions and my writing and whatever else. In all honesty, I don’t care what you think. If you don’t like my work, don’t come here. It’s simple. Don’t go around trashing. I don’t do that to you.

Anyway, sorry for the mini-rant. I’ve had it with people saying individuals like me don’t have a right to speak. I was raised to voice my opinion if something isn’t right. Again, if you don’t like it, don’t come here. I shut the comments off on about 95% of the site because of trolls. I refuse to fall victim to so-called keyboard warriors. #sorrynotsorry

When Racism Allegations Plagues Your Timeline

Now that I’ve finished my rant, let’s get down into the nitty-gritty of this post. So, I hate to do this to everyone, but we’re going to delve into the Sussexes’ claims of racism. Yeah, I know. I’m not pleased with it either. We talk about it enough on this site as it is.

The reason I’m bringing this up, again, is because of something the Sussex Squad is claiming. My dear friend Sue Smith mentioned in her video yesterday that Harry and Meghan’s cult following is now resorting to calling those who blast their faves as being part of the Ku Klux Klan.

When I heard this, it didn’t surprise me as it was only a matter of time before they used the KKK as an excuse to shut us down. Now, something is nagging at me here. Something tells me that a large portion of the Sussex Squad know of the KKK but don’t know any more than that. So, I’m going to go over that quickly.

Please don’t take this as me siding with the Klan. I hate people who go after someone they deem unfit for society due to their beliefs or social standing. The KKK is one of the biggest menaces to enter the American history books.

Who Are The KKK?

So, the Ku Klux Klan is a group of white supremacist terrorists who are hateful and primarily go after the following:

  • African Americans
  • Jews
  • Catholics
  • Native Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • Latinos
  • Homosexuals
  • Immigrants
  • Leftists
  • Atheists
  • Muslims

That is a LOT of people they target. This is all due to their faiths, sexual orientation, or heritage. It’s disgusting and inhumane to treat someone as if they’re lesser than anyone else. The Klan has had three waves of existence. The first wave was active from 1865 to 1872. Wave number two occurred between 1915-1944. The current wave is ongoing having begun in 1950.

Each wave has focused on different aspects of society while still conveying the same messages of hate and racism. The third wave is most recognisable given the role they’ve played in the murders of a large number of African-American people in the 1950s. One such murder was enacted on NAACP members Harry and Harriette Moore, where their home in Florida was bombed on Christmas Eve in 1951.

According to the NAACP page on Harry and Harriette, a bomb was placed under the couple’s bed. Harry died as he was taken to the hospital. Harriette died nine days after the attack. Due to the outcry, an FBI investigation was undertaken. However, no one was held responsible for the murder. Fifty years later, the case of the assassination was reopened where it was discovered four KKK members were responsible.

This is just one of many examples to do with the KKK’s hatred of African-Americans.

The Difference Between Megxiteers And The Klan

Now, to all the Sussex Squad members who are reading this, if the explanation into the KKK didn’t convince you, here’s a comparison between Megxiteers and the Klan.

So, to start, Megxiteers do NOT hate Meghan. We dislike her actions. Do we care if she is black? No. It is her ACTIONS we disagree with.

On the other hand, the KKK doesn’t care for actions. If a person is a high-ranking member of an organisation such as the NAACP who happens to be black and vocal, the Klan will target them.

Going back to Harry and Harriette Moore, it’s believed that they were targeted due to the Groveland case. According to NBC News’ Erik Ortiz, four black men were accused in the summer of 1949 of raping a white teenager. The NAACP mentioned in the page linked previously Harry became heavily involved in the case, which resulted in a call for a retrial after three of the men were sentenced to death by an all-white jury.

Harry’s campaign was successful, leading to the Supreme Court issuing an appeal agreeing to the retrial in 1951. Two of the defendants were shot on the way to the pre-hearing by the sheriff. One died while the other was injured. Harry ordered that the sheriff be suspended from his job for the incitement of the death that occurred. Six weeks after this, Harry and Harriette were killed.

Honestly, there are some extremist Megxiteers. I’ve never seen them as I mind my own business. But, anyone I interact with has NEVER incited death upon Meghan or her children. Not once. Yes, there have been references to tomatoes being thrown, but that’s not inciting threats. I’m not condoning it, but what harm can rotten fruit do outside of alleviating allergies?

The Jussie Smollet Racism Train

Moving away from the Meghan Markle racism narrative, I wanted to go over the Jussie Smollett stuff quickly before I finish this post. For those who aren’t familiar with the case, Jussie was an actor on the series Empire. He comes from a show biz family with one of his sisters being Jurnee Smollett, who appeared as Dinah Lance/Black Canary in the Birds of Prey movie with Margot Robbie.

Jussie, who is gay, claimed that he was attacked in a racist, homophobic hate crime by a couple of white men. After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that Smollett had set up the crime to garner sympathy and receive advancement in his acting career. The sympathy card worked in the short run with black public figures coming out to wish him well in his recovery from the “attack.”

As the lies started to unravel, the investigation into the crime found Smollett had paid two black extras he’d worked with on Empire to help him in his quest. One of which he slept with, allegedly.

Jussie has stood by his victimhood story of racism. Of course, he would as he wants to be seen as a victim that everyone can stand behind. Sorry, dude, but what you did is an insult to real victims of racism and hate crimes. Just because you’re gay and black doesn’t give you a free pass to appear the victim when there’s a stack of evidence against you.

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