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The Bold And The Beautiful: “This Dinner Party Is A Joke.”

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Thomas might be fooling his own family with his dinner party sham, but Brooke and Liam aren’t fooled by his charade.

Today’s B&B was a total vomit fest for anyone that doesn’t buy into Thomas’s dinner party sham. He ‘declares his love’ for Zoe and pops the question in front of his whole family. Before this however, Liam vents to Steffy that the whole gathering is just a ruse to make Hope jealous and to freak out Douglas.

Brooke voices her own concerns about the get together, but Ridge brushes her off as he always does. He claims he has never seen his son so happy and all this crap that he sprouts in support of his dreadful spawn.

The second biggest “Ew!” factor was seeing him make out with Zoe the second he saw Hope and Douglas on the landing of the stairs. Talk about making a statement.

Quinn, to her credit, telling him he needs to dial it down a notch or five. Steffy tells Liam that her brother’s in love and can show his affection for his new girlfriend. Obviously, he turns his nose up at this, knowing his baby mama’s bro is up to no good.

Douglas Doesn’t Want To Go To The Dinner Party

Given his feelings about seeing his father pash someone who isn’t Hope, Douglas feels uneasy about the party. His parents tell him he has to go to the gathering. While he agrees to, he doesn’t want to eat, despite his mother telling him to try.

Later, Zoe walks over to him and tries to bond with him over ice cream. Douglas says his parents love mint chocolate chip which differs from hers which is peanut butter and chocolate.

Later, Douglas is forced to sit through Liam’s terrible jokes. Hope tells her ex that her son isn’t up for the party. He then pulls her side and asks how she’s doing and tries again to make her see Thomas is up to no good.

Thomas ‘Teases’ Brooke About Her Drinking

Thomas smoozes up to Brooke, who still doesn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth and teases her about wanting a drink. She also tries to tell Zoe that she’s being used by her ‘man’. Ridge tells her not to pick a fight for the evening.

Sick as this is, she has every reason to be wary of him.

Ridge: Gullible As They Come

As Thomas’s father, Ridge has made it his mission to see past his son’s faults and to forgive him for everything he has done since his return to Los Angeles. From hiding who Phoebe really was to forcing Hope to marry him for the sake of Douglas, the father of four has really forgiven his wayward child for something that should be unforgivable. How would he like it if Kelly had been taken from Steffy and told she was dead?

He would be livid when the truth came out and that someone close to the family knew about it the whole time! Also, how dare he tell Brooke not to cause a scene! She has every right to do so as his-ass-of-a-son is using the dinner party as a way of ensnaring her daughter into being with him. Again, this isn’t love!

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