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Babes Against Bullshit: Your Skin Colour Doesn’t Protect You From Criticism

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Criticism takes no form. It doesn’t care if you’re green, purple, or orange. Welcome back to another edition of Babes Against Bullshit. I’m writing this due to something that came up yesterday regarding a journalist named Nylah Burton, who writes glowingly about Meghan Markle. I’m not saying you can’t do what you want, but what Ms. Burton has done deserves to be called out.

Before I continue, I want to address why this post isn’t linked to Chronicles of Harkle. The subject matter in this post doesn’t focus on the wrongdoings of Harry and Meghan. It’s also not in the Life and Times of a Blogger category as it is not one-hundred percent journalism focused either.

The art of criticism is all around us. For decades, people have critiqued film, television, and theatre. So, what is so different about human behaviour? Well, it seems to me that there is a lot. While a show or a movie cannot fight back, a flesh and blood person can. So, if you criticise what an individual is wearing, for example, they’ll bite back.

Criticism Does Not Care For What You Look Like

A big topic that has arisen since the emergence of the Black Lives Movement is racism. I’ve spoken about it numerous times regarding Meghan’s need to use her biracial heritage as a weapon to excuse her behaviour. The same appears to apply to Nylah Burton and anyone else who uses the colour of their skin to get an “escape from criticism” pass.

Now, I have a ton of love for the black communities of the world. I adore Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, and Idris Elba, to name a few.

Addressing someone’s words is not connected to their race. An example of race being used to escape criticism is Christopher Bouzy, the Bot Sentinel guy. He has used his ethnicity as an African-American to get away with calling people racists and for “targeting his family.” My friend Sue Smith on YouTube did a video called It’s So “Bouzy” where she goes over a ton of information, including his daughter calling him a horrible parent.

Meghan, Bouzy, and Burton are part of a special group known as the Woke Justice Warriors. These people think their racial identity gives them a pass to get out of being held accountable. There are a heap of ethnic people such as Nana Akua, Candace Owens, and John Barnes, who are all black and don’t believe a word out of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s mouths.

Nana has openly criticised the Sussexes on air during GB News. Meanwhile, John Barnes tore the allegations of someone questioning Archie’s skin tone apart saying that it is a normal conversation to have for mixed-race couples.

One Person Is Not As Important As Another

No matter what your skin colour is, you are not more important than anyone else. Being black or white or olive-skinned doesn’t give you a right to criticise someone else due to their views. Going over the situation with Nylah Burton, she believes that because she is a black woman, she can get away with her comments. If it were a white woman who said the same thing, they would be criticised too.

However, Nylah was wrong as the media has picked up on it? Why? Well, she is someone of “importance” on Twitter because she has a blue tick. To have the likes of Dan Wootton and Piers Morgan speaking out about it highlights the problem. Yes, they’re white men with strong opinions, but they’re not wrong.

For anyone who is only coming to the blog now, I am a white woman who respects every culture and ethnicity. That is how I was raised. Everyone is of value, and it shouldn’t matter what you look like. Using your race to get people to bend to your will makes you as bad as any dictator.

Criticism is what makes us improve. Makes us better human beings. If you’ve done seedy things in the past and people call you out on it, make a change and be better. Don’t go about and criticise everyone you think caused you to do what you did.

Wanting Someone To Die Instead Of Someone Else Makes You A Horrible Human

In the case of Nylah Burton wanting The Queen to die in place of Betty White makes her incapable of caring about others. What if it were her grandmother or another elderly relative that someone said they want dead? So what if the Queen is white? Betty White was white too. What’s the difference? Her Majesty has lived her entire life to serve. As did Betty White.

What I don’t understand, is how a person who is meant to care about other people’s mental health, can say such a cruel thing. Just because it doesn’t affect you personally doesn’t mean it won’t impact others.

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