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Meet The Spider-Women Of Marvel Comics


Peter Parker. Miles Morales. Peter B. Parker. Miguel O’Hara. Peter Porker. These are just some of the Spider-Men. But what about their female counterparts, the Spider-Women? With the upcoming release of Across the Spiderverse, we thought we’d dive into the lady web slingers.

We will break them into sections since many different Spider-Women are going by different names. There will also be notes about other alias they have used. Also, this is an incomplete list, as there are so many.

It’s important to note that some Spider-Women on this list use their monikers for evil.

What’s unique about many of these female Spider-people is that some don’t have powers. Some even follow the Peter Parker route and get bitten by a radioactive spider. Others got their abilities a different way. One example is Gwen Stacy. At least one version of the character went through the same process as Ms Marvel did. This was during the Marvel Rising media, which saw Gwen play a critical role after she was framed for the murder of her best friend.


  • Jessica Drew
    • Ultimate Jessica Drew
  • Julia Carpenter
    • Madame Web
    • Arachne
  • Mattie Franklin
  • Charlotte Witter
  • Veranke
  • Gwen Stacy
    • Spider-Gwen
    • Ghost Spider
  • Helen Goddard
  • Mary Jane Watson
    • Spider-MJ (Ultimate Spider-Man)
  • Ashley Barton
    • Spider-Bitch
    • Spider-Girl
  • Mayday Parker
    • Spider-Girl
  • Valerie the Librarian (Hattie Hinson)
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Laura Kinney
  • April Parker
  • Roger Gocking


  • Anya Corazon
  • Ashley Barton (see above for other names)
  • Mayday Parker (see above for another moniker)
  • Petra Parker
  • Sussa Paka


  • Cindy Moon
    • Spider-Woman
    • Spider-Bride
    • Silkworm
    • Spider-Girl


  • Arachne
  • Julia Carpenter (see above for other monikers)

Madame Web

  • Cassandra Webb
  • Julia Carpenter


  • Peni Parker

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