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Mackenzie’s Affair Has Nothing To Do With Felicity

Mackenzie Affair Felicity
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It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about Home and Away. Since Mackenzie is having an affair with a married man, and it’s pissing her business partner, Felicity, off, let’s dissect and discuss, shall we?

Okay, so, we’ve seen some pretty twisted things in our many years of viewership. In recent times, we’ve had the CEO of a scam beauty range refuse to take the blame for Roo’s bad reaction. Then, there was Ava’s creepy behaviour towards Theo. Oh, and we cannot forget Leah’s psychotic episode. You would think that an affair would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Mackenzie’s Affair With Her Married Doctor

Mackenzie and her married doctor, Levi, who happens to be the brother of Felicity’s best friend, Eden, are having an affair like their fathers did with their mothers. For those who don’t know, Mac’s dad, Rick Booth, had a fling with Karen Thompson and various other women. His affair resulted in the birth of Mac’s beloved half-brother, Dean.

Levi took the side of his cheating father, which prompted a massive estrangement from Eden, who protected her mother from the fallout of her husband’s affair. It wasn’t until last year that we learned there was more to Eden’s backstory. It was during this time that we learned she had a brother, let alone, a sister, who is apparently set to be introduced. All we knew was that Eden grew up in a funeral home.

Felicity Backs Eden

Felicity, meanwhile, for all her faults, has never cheated. Sure, she has lied about things, but she has also gained victories like getting the guy who violated her. However, her vendetta against Mac due to her affair with Levi, is causing issues. Why? Because she is putting her nose in where it doesn’t belong.

While Felicity is willing to support Eden through the drama with Levi, she cannot keep her opinions to herself. She has just accused Xander of taking sides.

Xander Caught In The Middle

Xander has been getting frustrated with his bosses because they have been at each other’s throats and doing virtually no work. He has tried to bring them together and succeeded before he was accused of siding with Mackenzie. It gets to the point where he quits his job as he can no longer handle being piggy in the middle and being accused of something he wasn’t doing.

Returning to Felicity and her vendetta against Mac, and Levi, and having an opinion on their affair, she needs to stay out of it. She can voice her opinion to Eden and that’s fine. But outside of that, it has nothing to do with her, especially since she has to work with Mackenzie frequently.

Behind The Scenes

In a new promo, Flick and Eden are seen talking and Eden questions why she’s still working at Salt. She then suggests selling Salt. How far it goes, is unclear. Back to the Bay has reported recently that Felicity may be leaving in the next few months.

It comes from a tip found on social media (via Back to the Bay) by a visitor of the Summer Bay tour who asked someone who allegedly works in security on the show where Jacqui was and was told she had left and had gone travelling abroad. How true this is, we’ll have to wait and see. Jacqui’s three-year contract runs out this year, so it makes sense. Some actors choose to stay on longer, but younger actors want to branch out, some go to Hollywood.

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