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Did Felicity’s Behaviour Cause Mackenzie To End Up In Hospital From A Suspected Heart Attack?

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Felicity Newman is acting like a spoilt brat. She is blaming everyone except herself for the breakdown of her marriage to Tane Parata, including her business partner, Mackenzie Booth. Mac, who has been friends with Tane for years predating Felicity’s arrival in the bay, suddenly suffers what appears to be a heart attack during an argument with her.

Xander and Cash, who are attempting to stop Mac and Flick’s argument, are forced to step in and tend to their fallen friend while they wait for the ambulance. Xander, who is a former paramedic, uses a portable defibrillator to keep Mackenzie’s heart going after her pulse disappears.

Felicity is beside herself with worry, despite a split second thinking Mac was faking it. Mackenzie is taken to the hospital and is put under the care of resident doctor Bree, nurse Dana and new heart doc Levi Fowler, who has a surprise connection to an already existing character.

Grow Up, Felicity! Mackenzie And Cash Become Tired Of Taking Sides

What’s more, Flick has accused Mac of taking Tane’s side after she allowed him to move into the Farmhouse with her and Mali. All Mackenzie was doing was giving an old friend a leg up. It’s also annoying Cash that his sister is blaming everyone for her marriage breaking down when she was the one who actively lied to her husband.

Mac has said the same thing. She doesn’t want to have to pick a side between her two friends. But right now, her suspected heart attack is pushing all that aside, at least for now.

Mali and Tane are worried about her and have every right to be. Meanwhile, Xander isn’t happy with Felicity. Their boss is in hospital because of her. It’s also bewildering to Xander’s sister, Rose, who is surprised Mac had a heart attack at such a young age.

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