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My Current Netgalley TBR (As of May 2024)

Nothing says reading more than getting access to advanced copies of books. Netgalley is the ideal website to build a TBR list to die for. This is part two of our TBR list. Our Goodreads TBR list is linked below.

As you can probably imagine, we have a large Netgalley TBR list that we keep adding to. Which is why, we’ve decided to share it with you all here on Book Haven.

As of writing, we have 116 digital ARCs on our Netgalley TBR. We have completed a couple, so the list will be the ones we have not yet read. Here’s what we have.

Netgalley TBR

  1. The Café on Manor Lane by Amelia Kyazze
  2. Witty in Pink by Erica George
  3. Kill Two Birds by Thomas Bjørn
  4. The Made King and the False Queen by Hope and Amanda Abrom
  5. Pride and Perjury by Alice McVeigh
  6. The Dictator’s Wife by Hollie S McKay
  7. #TeenSheriff Evelyn Lassiter by Lumen Reese
  8. The Witches of Santo Stefano by Wendy Webb
  9. When the World Fell Silent by Donna Jones Alward
  10. Blood and Mascara by Colin Krainin
  11. The Cornish Campsite Murder by Fiona Leitch
  12. The Clique by Rhiannon Barnsley
  13. If I Loved You Less by Aamna Qureshi
  14. What She Did by Karen Cole
  15. The Beauty Of Us by Farzana Doctor
  16. Ghosts of Waikiki by Jennifer K. Morita
  17. Queen of Roses by Briar Boleyn
  18. Court of Claws by Briar Boleyn
  19. Empress of Fae by Briar Boleyn
  20. Knight of the Goddess by Briar Boleyn
  21. The Sisters of Blue Mountain Beach by Kala Chapman Lloyd
  22. Inferno’s Heir by Tiffany Wang
  23. Rubber Duckie Shifter Next Door by Mia Harlan
  24. The Whisper Sister by Jennifer S. Brown
  25. When We Chased the Light by Emily Bleeker
  26. Lonely Places by Kate Anderson
  27. Honeycomb S.B Caves
  28. Between Lies and Revenge by Hannah D Sharpe
  29. An Age of Winters by Gemma Liviero
  30. Plot Twist by Carmen Sereno
  31. Romancing on Jeju by Hyun-Joo Park
  32. The Eight King Henrys of England by Philip J Potter
  33. Mean Girl Feminism by Kim Hong Nguyen
  34. Sacagawea by Alana White
  35. Journey’s Arcane by Eda Scott
  36. When We Were Widows by Annette Chavez Macias
  37. Let Me Liberate You by Andie Davis
  38. The Anti-Heroes by Jen Lancaster
  39. The German Daughter by Marius Gabriel
  40. Escape to the Country Kitchen by Hannah Langdon
  41. Fun Fact: I Love You by Gina Lynn Larsen
  42. The Madness Locker by Eddie Russell
  43. Tudor Executions by Helene Harrison
  44. Last Call for Love by Rebekah Crane
  45. The Seven by Robyn Delvey
  46. the Murderess by Laurie Notaro
  47. Fated by Sarah Ready
  48. The Letters We Keeps by Nisha Sharma
  49. A Land of Shadows and Moss by A.S.R. Gelpi
  50. This Family Lies by J.M. Cannon
  51. Lady Eve’s Last Con by Rebecca Fraimow
  52. Murder in Punch Lane by Jane Sullivan
  53. Second Chance Christmas by Jahquel J
  54. Rising Sun by Donna Grant
  55. The Last Witch in Edinburgh by Marielle Thompson
  56. Love, Julie by Jamie Anderson
  57. Playing the Field by Becky Ward
  58. Summer Romance Annabel Monaghan
  59. Treasures of Egypt by Amr Saleh
  60. Queens of Themiscyra by Hannah Lynn
  61. The Queen of Poisons by Robert Thorogood
  62. The British Booksellers by Kristy Cambron
  63. Real Life an Other Fictions by Susan Coll
  64. A Southern Enchantress by Deborah Trahan
  65. Accidentally In Love with my Best Friend’s Brother by Abby Greyson
  66. The Love of her Lives by C.J. Connolly
  67. The Night They Stole My Baby by Darren O’Sullivan
  68. The Au Pair Affair by Tessa Bailey
  69. The Branded by Jo Riccioni
  70. Dragon Den by Kriss Dean
  71. Florida Girls by L.L. Kirchner
  72. Between Two Worlds by Olivier Norek
  73. Love from Scratch by Amy Hutton
  74. Bad Like Us by Gabriella Lepore
  75. The Treasure Hunters Club by Tom Ryan
  76. Tell Me What Really Happened by Chelsea Sedoti
  77. The Cleopatras by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
  78. The Grays of Truth by Sharon Virts
  79. Dear Elizby Andrea J. Stein
  80. Such a Good Family by Caitlin Weaver
  81. The Secret Daughter of Venice by Juliet Greenwood
  82. The Liar’s Bones by Morag Pringle
  83. Summer Fridays by Suzanne Rindell
  84. Masquerade by O.O. Sangoyomi
  85. Cursed Under London by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch
  86. The Accidental Holiday by Mimi Deb
  87. Keeper of the Scarlet Petals by A.N. Skye
  88. One Summer by Taylor Cole
  89. August Moon by Jess Lourey
  90. The Concealed by S.K. Horton
  91. The Guilty Girl by Ruth Harrow
  92. Love at a Funeral and Other Awkward Conversations by Sophie Andrews
  93. The Last Trace by Petronella McGovern
  94. Woman, Missing by Sherryl Clark
  95. The Girl with the Violin by Shelley Davidow
  96. Counting The Sun by Peggy Joque Williams
  97. The Briar Club by Kate Quinn
  98. The Missing Diamond by Lynn Morrison and Anne Radcliffe
  99. Manifest Lies by Max Heaton
  100. The Queen & The King by Jeannette Rose and Alexis Rune
  101. The Mistress & The Renowned by Jeanette Rose & Alexis Rune
  102. Here’s Where She meets Prince Charming by Kristin Wright
  103. Murder By Natural Causes by Helen Erichsen
  104. The Maiden & The Unseen by Jeanette Rose & Alexis Rune
  105. Hounds of the Hollywood Baskervilles by Elizabeth Crowens
  106. Bad Tourists by Caro Carver
  107. The Love Interest by Helen Comerford
  108. Pride and Prejudice in Space by Alexis Lampley
  109. The Life-Changing Magic of Falling in Love by Eve Devon
  110. The Dead Cat Tail Assassins by P. Djèlí Clark
  111. When Mimi Went Missing by Suja Sukumar
  112. Cather You Later by Jessica Strawser
  113. Doctor Lucifer by Anthony Lee
  114. Chronicles of Sword and Fang by Elizabeth R. Jensen
  115. A Girls’ Guide to Winning the War by Annie Lyons
  116. Vengeance Is Mine by Michael Wood
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