Superman & Lois: Series Going To Be Darker Than Originally Thought

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[CAUTION: Potential Spoilers The For Pilot Of Superman & Lois]

Superman & Lois is coming to The CW and it’s going to be darker than we thought it was going to be.

When you think Superman, the first think that comes to mind is a hero who wants to do the right thing. However, what happens when Clark Kent’s life all but goes down a darker path? That’s what the new Supergirl spinoff, Superman & Lois will preview, or at least, that’s what the pilot script says.

Now, if you’ve been on the site for a while you probably read our reasons why the Arrowverse doesn’t need a Superman show. Though, since the announcement that a pilot is going ahead, we couldn’t help but be intrigued. In just the last day or so, a review of the pilot episode script has come out and it’s not what we thought it would be.

As fans of Supergirl, we thought the new Superman & Lois series would be light-hearted. We were very wrong. The darker themes made our hair stand up a little more than usual. We’re going to go over the review and what these spoilers are. Please note that these ‘spoilers’ might change in the actual pilot when it airs.

Who Will Appear In The Darker Pilot?

We’ve gotten a bit of information since Crisis on Infinite Earths wrapped and we can reveal who we know will show up in at least the Pilot episode.

Samuel Lane

For anyone who watched the early seasons of Supergirl will know Sam Lane was a nuisance to both his daughters. He controlled aspects of both Lois and Lucy’s lives and he was estranged from both of them due to his anti-alien views.

However, it appears in Superman & Lois, Sam’s views have changed or were altered when the main Arrowverse Earths joined together to form Earth-Prime. According to the script review, he calls upon his son-in-law to help with a Fukushima-scale disaster.

If he’s asking Clark for help, then he must be on Lois’s good side too. Also, it appears Sam knows Clark is Superman.

Lois Lane

You can’t have a show called Superman & Lois without the second titular character. Lois here is still Clark’s wife and is the mother of his twin sons, Jonathan and Jordan – more on them in a moment. She’s still the hot shot journalist and has to support the family after Clark loses his job.

Jonathan and Jordan Kent

During Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was revealed at the end of the fifth hour that instead of just a single son, Lois and Clark had two boys. Now, Superman & Lois will debut the boys as teenagers.

The boys, Jonathan and Jordan were named after their two paternal grandfathers, Jonathan Kent, Clark’s adoptive father and his biological father, Jor-El.

Jonathan and Jordan are polar opposites with Jon being the outgoing, all-star athlete kid while his twin is always on his computer and has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. Unbeknownst to the boys, they don’t know their father truly is. It’s also implied that Jonathan inherited his father’s powers. Jordan did not.

Clark Kent/Superman

As a father and husband, Clark learns very quickly what it’s like to live in a much darker world. His adoptive father, Jonathan died when he was sixteen and was raised by his adoptive mother, Martha. Now, he’s without a job as people have been laid off their jobs at the Daily Planet, he being one of them.

Now, he’s raising twin boys who have no idea who he really is. After his adoptive mother dies, Clark, Lois, and the boys return to Smallville. It’s here where he is reacquainted with Lana Lang. He also meets her husband, and daughters.

Clark now gets along with father-in-law, Sam Lane and is often called to help when massive disasters strike. It appears he knows about Clark and Superman being the same person.

Morgan Edge

Last seen in Supergirl, Morgan Edge is the one who bought the Daily Planet and saved it. However, the man doesn’t care for journalism and the truth and it will put him in the firing line of Lois. While many see him as a hero for opening up jobs, he’s just using this to get even more rich.

Jonathan and Martha Kent

Having found Clark as a baby when his pod crash landed on Earth from Krypton, Jonathan and Martha raised him as their own. Tragically, Jonathan died when Clark was 16, leaving his wife and son devastated.

In the pilot, according to the review, Martha calls for Clark to ‘come home’ only he finds her dead. This causes great grief to Clark and he is forced to think about where he wants his life to end up as his mother is no longer around to guide him.

Lana Lang

Lana is revealed to still be living in Smallville with her husband, Kyle and their daughters, Sarah and Sophie. She works as a banker. Reconnecting with Clark at his mother’s funeral, Lana makes him see that he needs to reinvent his life.

Kyle, Sarah and Sophie Cushing

Kyle, Sarah, and Sophie are the husband and daughters of Lana Lang. Lana’s husband is a firefighter while Sarah is fourteen and Sophie is eight. We don’t get much in the review about them other than they reside in Smallville.


  • Jordan might not have inherited his father’s powers
  • It’s implied that the twins will enter a teenage love triangle with Sarah
  • To Clark, Smallville is no longer the paradise it was when he was growing up
  • According to Pagey, the villain which will be revealed at the end of the Pilot will not be from Earth-Prime and will be known as ‘Captain Luthor’. He said that it may or may not be a new version of Lex. Basically, it’s just a waiting game to see who this antagonist is.
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