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Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Is No Saint!


What is it with Bold and the Beautiful fans and their opinions regarding the love triangle between Steffy, Liam, and Hope? Do they not realise it’s a never-ending story?

If you Google the words Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, you can always find spoiler websites. However, that’s not the issue. The comments at the bottom of the posts serve as problematic. People are still rallying behind Steffy by saying she doesn’t deserve to have Phoebe taken from her. The heiress is not the woman you believe she is!

Boyfriend And Husband Stealer!

All Steffy lovers consider her as this great character who has compassion. Now, we’re not trying to bash character. Let’s begin with a simple one: Steffy’s inability to stop herself from stealing other women’s men.

Fans blame Brooke for taking Ridge from Taylor, but it’s the opposite. The doc steals the Forrester matriarch’s main husband. In the show’s early days, the eldest Logan sister was with Ridge first. Not Taylor. The shrink assumes her rival took her man.

This passed over to her daughter. Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Steffy locked her stepsister in a gondola and forced her to watch as she married Liam. Also, she went after Oliver and Jackie Marone Knight’s younger hubby, Owen. However, Steffy’s attempts to woo both men proved unsuccessful.

She also slept with her father-in-law, Bill and thought he was the daddy of her unborn daughter. A paternity test proved Liam was the father of her little girl. Though, that could still happen in an upcoming twist in the aftermath of the Baby Beth storyline. Anyway, because of her affair, it ruined her chance of a family with Liam. Her betrayal prompted him to become estranged from her and his father. This led him back to Hope who ended up falling pregnant with their child.

Why Is She Admired?

The B&B fanbase admires Steffy because of her strength. She’s been through much, but let’s examine the character. We see Taylor and Ridge’s daughter, Eric and Stephanie’s eldest granddaughter and Thomas’s little sister. She’s successful as Forrester Creation’s Co-CEO and she’s powerful with a sexual prowess to boot.

Fans may argue, “No, she’s not a brat” and “Hope is hopeless” but YOU are the ones who are wrong. Sit back and ponder for a moment. Consider being in Hope’s shoes. Would you enjoy playing second fiddle to your on-off step-sibling?

Sure, Steffy has lost a lot. Her twin sister was run down and killed by her [Phoebe’s] boyfriend. She miscarried her first child with Liam when she was told not to ride her motorcycle while pregnant. Not to mention, she will lose the infant daughter she illegally adopted.

Steffy’s Rap Sheet Compared With Hope’s

If you’re going to comment below and say “Steffy’s not capable of this!” Here’s a list of things she has done over the years compared to Brooke’s youngest daughter.

According to The Bold and the Beautiful Wikia, on current count, Steffy’s misdeeds count is 13 while Hope’s misdeeds count is 8.

Is Steffy Obsessing Over Her Illegally Adopted Child?

 Has Steffy developed a lasting obsession with baby Beth? It might appear that way as she became unwilling to accept Liam’s observation: baby Phoebe is the daughter he and his then-wife thought they lost. There were holes in the adoption that she and Taylor overlooked.

While we want Steffy to be a nice person, we need to look at her current fantasy with having this perfect life as a mother of two little girls and Liam being back. She has Kelly. Does she require another daughter to be happy? The girls will always be sisters because they share a dad.

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