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Why Wasn’t Asajj Ventress A Sith?

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Why is Ventress not a Sith? The sultry Sith Assassin mentored by Count Dooku went on quite the journey during her life. She started as a Jedi before turning to the Dark Side when her master, Ky Narec, died. However, during her time as Darth Tyranus’ apprentice, she was not classed as an official Sith, but why is this?

That’s what we’re going to explore here, and the answer is quite simple. However, before we start, this post will contain spoilers for The Clone Wars and the book Dark Disciple.

Assassin But Not Sith Apprentice

Centuries before the Clone Wars were a concept; the Sith existed in the dozens, perhaps the hundreds or thousands. Conflicts constantly broke out between members of the group, which resulted in Darth Bane creating the Rule of Two. This rule allowed for only two Sith to exist at any given time. One master. One apprentice. Count Dooku secretly took Ventress and Grievous as students but could not do this officially.

Ventress was trained in the dark arts of the Sith but could not take a Sith name. Due to his lack of Force sensitivity, Grievous was trained in lightsaber combat and became known as a Jedi hunter. The difference between Dooku’s two students is that Asajj has more of a killer than the cyborg due to killing anyone she is ordered to destroy.

Grievous, however, had a habit of only going after Jedi.

Ventress And Her Role In The Rule Of Two

Because there were already two Sith Lords, Ventress was left in a queue to replace Dooku as Darth Sidious’ apprentice, if needed. However, the need never came to fruition. Instead, Tyranus tried to dispose of his assassin hence her reason to hate him during The Clone Wars Season 5. She teams up with Anakin Skywalker to save his padawan, Ahsoka Tano, from an unpleasant fate.

Given Dooku’s attempt to kill her, Sidious saw Ventress as a threat to the Sith’s existence. Was he concerned that Asajj could’ve blabbed about their plan for galactic conquest? Given that she had allied with Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka at various times, it’s possible. She was also in love with Quinlan Voss, who happened to be a Jedi.

Getting rid of Ventress was Sidious’ way of attempting anyone from finding out that there was more going on with the war.

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