Farewell, Sweet Hero! Supergirl To End After Season 6

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Farewell, sweet hero. Supergirl is ending after Season 6.

Another Arrowverse show is ending after its upcoming season. While this might be surprising to some, it really isn’t as there has been talk for awhile that Supergirl was going to end. The show started in 2015 on CBS before it was cut at the end of the first season. Our sweet hero Kara Zor-El has broken down so many barriers, especially in the superhero genre.

Supergirl dived into topics that a lot of shows are hesitant to explore such as xenophobia and transphobia. It also introduced the first-ever transgender superhero with Nia Nal played by Nicole Maines. What makes this show so memorable is that was never a clone of anything Superman would’ve done.

Sure, Kara is Clark’s cousin, but she is the star of the show, not him and she has her own life outside of anything he would’ve done.

Don’t Blame Superman & Lois

Now, there’s going to be super fans (no pun intended) who will be accusing upcoming Supergirl spinoff, Superman & Lois of getting the series ‘cancelled’. Please listen to us carefully.

Supergirl is NOT being cancelled. It had the ratings to keep going, but it was up to Melissa Benoist. Her life has changed a lot since the series started. She got divorced from Blake Jenner, got married to the amazing Chris Wood, revealed her struggle with domestic violence and most recently got pregnant and had a baby.

Superman & Lois had nothing to do with Supergirl ending. The discussions of when Supergirl was going to end was probably in the progress of talks for a while, especially with Melissa’s pregnancy and her wanting to spend more time with her family. Being the lead of a show and having new baby can be a juggling act.

People are very quick to judge something that likely didn’t even happen. There’s no evidence to suggest that Superman & Lois was greenlit just so Supergirl could be axed. That’s not how it works and nor has it ever.

Sweet Hero Kara

Kara Zor-El has paved the way for other female superhero shows and female lead characters in general. Without her, we probably wouldn’t have Stargirl or Batwoman or even Sara Lance leading the Legends on Legends of Tomorrow.

It’s been a crazy road and we’re so happy to have gone on this journey for Melissa, Chyler, David, Jesse, Katie, Nicole, and everyone who has appeared and worked on Supergirl over the last few years. This show would not exist without you all and we are so happy to have watch you take on the superhero genre and won.

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