Batwoman: All Hell Breaks Loose As Jacob Declares War On His Own Daughter While Alice Loses A Precious Sidekick


The Batwoman season 1 finale pulls out all the stops. It even doesn’t stop at killing off a beloved sidekick.

This week’s Batwoman is the finale of the first season, and it is crazy how much is going on. Every sidekick is sent into a frenzy as Alice tries to find Kryptonite to pierce and batsuit and kill her sister. While this is going on, a desperate Mary tries to make Kate see sense that their dad isn’t going to let go of his grudge against her heroic alter ego.

Meanwhile, Kate tries to stop a former Gotham football hero named Titan after he kills someone on a train.

One Sister Wants Kate Dead While The Other Is Concerned Her

To say Alice/Beth and Mary are two very different women, as Kate’s sisters, is mildly interesting. One wants their hero sibling dead, while the other is concerned about Jacob declaring war on his daughter.

Kate tells Mary that if she saves Tim Teslow, who has been on a rampage, their dad might see Batwoman in a new light. If this happens, then she can finally tell him her true identity. However, her stepsister stresses that Jacob is doing everything in his power to expose the new Bat hero as a menace.

Meanwhile, Alice continues to pour through Lucius’ journal to find where she can get her hands on Kryptonite to kill her sister. You’re probably thinking about why she would need such a substance. Well, it’s the only thing that can pierce the batsuit—smooth Lucius.

While she’s out searching, her two not-so-model sidekick buddies, Mouse and Hush, are at each other’s throats.

Titan Is A Beast. Literally!

Kate goes to find Titan’s brother for information, but the machete-wielding beast attacks the pair. There’s a brief fight before the murderous d-hole throws one of his weapons at his sibling, and it lodges in his back.

The media is on the site soon enough, and Jacob is immediately questioned about why not even Batwoman could take down Titan.

The head of the Crows blames Batwoman, which only proves Mary right. Julia calls Luke and tells him Kate could be sitting the fight out not just because of Jacob but because of how strong the madman is.

Alice And Mouse Bicker About Their New Life

Alice doesn’t realise how lucky she is to have a sidekick as loyal as her beloved Mouse. However, since Hush joined their little party, they’ve been non-stop bickering.

Mouse appears to be jealous of all the attention Alice is giving Hush and considers his rival an idiot in the grand scheme of his and Alice’s plan to take over Gotham. He wants him dead. He’s also worried that his beloved friend has become too obsessed with her family and wants them to pay.

The Truth About Titan

As the Bat Team struggle to find their footing, Luke reviews falsified brain scans of Titan, which say his brain is healthy. However, according to Mary, he digs deeper and discovers the accurate scans that don’t look good.

The nerves in the guy’s brain that show pain have withered away into nothing. The couch in charge ‘retired’ before the scandal broke.

Mary Gets Herself Arrested

Despite her injuries, Kate refuses to back down. Finally, Mary says she has an idea, but she’s not going to like it. Next, we find ourselves on the roof, and Hamilton has gotten herself arrested. Jacob tells his men to stand down so he can talk to his daughter.

Mary begs him to talk to Batwoman, which he does, and Kate requests they team up as she cannot take Titan down on her own. However, Jacob is far from happy and accuses the Bat of using his daughter as bait.

His words spark anger in Mary, who says that Jacob wanted to rebuild the Crows’ image and says Gotham roots for Batwoman and that it would be better if they teamed up.

Mary points out that she is one of the few people who can get through to her father, and she’s right. If Kate can’t, it is worth trying for her little sister. She also drives home that the Crows charge money for saving people while Batwoman doesn’t, and if she doesn’t believe in what the organisation stands for, why should Gotham?

Batwoman shows up and offers a truce with her father but has a feeling there’s more at play in Jacob’s mind.

Titan Called Out By Coach, And Alice And Mouse Talk About Their Past

Back at the football field, the reporter from earlier talks to the former coach, who apologises to Titan for thinking the game was more important than human life.

In their hideout, Alice and Mouse sit talking about everything that has happened in their past. Little does the sidekick realise that his beloved Alice has poisoned him, choosing her vendetta against her father and sister over him. They also burn the Alice in Wonderland book that ties them to the Caterpillar and the Queen.

Alice tearfully tells Mouse that she poisoned him because she didn’t want him to leave her as he had threatened.

Watch Your Six!

Julia and Sophie show up at Crows HQ to find the place empty. One of their co-workers tells them that Jacob is at the football stadium working with Batwoman, which the pair finds weird, given the Commander’s stance on vigilantism.

Sophie tells Julia to call Batwoman to give her a heads up and watch her six.

At the stadium, Jacobs the Bat and say they can’t draw Titan out. Kate, annoyed, says it might have something to do with all the Crows that are present.

Luke and Mary get a text from Julia, and Kate gets the same one when the power is cut.

Titan knocks out one of Jacob’s men, and others start going down. He then goes after the coach, forcing Kate to jump in and tell the guy to run. As they fight, she tries to get through to him by saying that his brother told her about what a good guy and brother he was as he walked the neighbourhood kids to the bus stop.

Titan comes around but is shot dead by the Crows, with Kate crying out in anguish. The tides have turned on her as Jacob again declares war on his daughter. he and his guys open fire, with Kate being forced to defend herself before she manages to get away.

Sidekick Or Not, Sophie Leads The Charge

Sophie and Julia arrive at the football field as the Crows shoot aimlessly at a retreating Batwoman. At this moment, Sophie realises she was sidelined from the assignment because of her links to the vigilante.

Back at headquarters, Sophie rips into the Commander. Jacob tells her that if it weren’t for Batwoman, his wife [Catherine]’s killer would still be in Arkham. Julia notices the tension and questions her about it.

Sophie asks if she rang Batwoman to warn her. Julia says she did, but she refused to listen to her. She then gets the feeling that her new lover doesn’t believe her.

A Pep Talk From Mary And Kryptonite

Kate sits mopping when Mary walks in with a bag of ice. But, of course, being the excellent sidekick and sister, she also becomes her drinking buddy.

Upset, Kate says that she wanted to tell her dad she was Batwoman but cannot now, given her father’s opinion and betrayal. She states that Jacob hates her, which Mary says is not valid, despite his intense hatred for the Scarlet Bat.

Kate also says that their dad once loved Beth too and that to him, Batwoman is as crazy as Alice is.

Luke walks in with an envelope of a powdered substance Kate thinks is drugs. Mary laughs at her, with Luke telling her it’s Kryptonite that he has destroyed.

Kate grabs a framed photo and pulls another piece of Kryptonite from behind the image. Luke asks where she got it, and she tells him from the same place Bruce did; from a Kryptonian. She explains a friend [Kara] gave it to her in case she lost her way.

Mary and Luke want to destroy it, but Kate tells them she promised Kara and asks them to trust her.

Jacob Examines The Bullets, And Hush Gets A New Face

Drowning in his pity, Jacob is given a box of the bullets that were shot at Batwoman. He comments they should be able to shoot through anything, and he will need to find something more robust.

Elsewhere, Alice, now over the loss of her beloved sidekick Mouse, attaches Hush’s new face, and it’s the face of a man she knows only too well. Her dear cousin, Bruce Wayne.

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