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Sussex Squad Journalist Called Out For Wanting The Queen Dead


Hours after the death of actress Betty White was announced, Nylah Burton, a journalist who works for Vogue India, expressed her hatred for Her Majesty The Queen by wishing she was dead instead of Betty. Social media exploded in defence of the Queen, leaving Burton to delete her account.

Before she deleted her account, however, people were able to nab screenshots of what she wrote. Leon Dobie posted his response to Burton’s tweet, complete with a screenshot:

[Credit: Twitter – @leon_dobie]

Nylah Burton is a member of the “We hate the royal family club, but we stan Meghan and Harry” club. It’s clear that she assumes the colour of your skin protects you from criticism. It doesn’t. Nylah Burton should’ve known this, and being a journalist doesn’t mean you can exploit it by saying it’s your opinion. It’s not an opinion but rather targeted harassment.

What’s more, is people are now boycotting Vogue for allowing such a horrid person to write for them.

Racial Injustice Doesn’t Just Affect The Black Community

Before we end this post, we had to address this in the most civil way we can. Racial injustice doesn’t just affect black people. It affects EVERYONE. Moreover, for a person of colour to be writing that they want a caucasian woman to be dead shows that racism affects white people too.

Yes, the world will miss Betty White, but to say that the Queen should have died in her place, shows how toxic and dangerous the Sussex influence is. Harry and Meghan are complicit for not speaking up about it. Sure, they can preach about compassion and kindness, and they’re fighting for inequity, but it shows them to be even bigger hypocrites.

Stephen M. Lepore wrote for the Daily Mail and included screenshots of posts by people who criticised the comment made by the journalist. One person made an interesting assumption by commenting that the tweet probably wouldn’t be viewed as offensive because it was about a white woman. Yeah, we agree with that statement.

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