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Is Elon Musk For Free Speech Or For Cancel Culture?

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It doesn’t get much weirder than Elon Musk buying Twitter than shaping it the way he wants. The man knows nothing about technological ventures like social media. While it can be said that he is for free speech, it might not be as simple as that. With celebrities and regular folk continue jumping ship, it has become apparent that this new buyout might be a billion-dollar mistake.

Let’s examine the worry people have regarding Donald Trump being allowed to return. People are frantically hoping that this won’t happen. The man caused people to be on guard because of his misinformation trip and his constant whinge fest. If you have a billion dollars, you can throw it at any company and they will bend to your will.

Elon Musk appears to be doing exactly that. He’s fired half of Twitter’s taskforce, as per the Guardian. Allegedly, the reasons to many people were laid off was because they needed to cut costs. Then, we have a recent development were even more people have been given the chop for criticising the new boss as told by The New York Times. Word of advice. If you desperately want to keep your job, don’t talk about the head honcho in a negative fashion, regardless of whether you like them.


With the first layoffs, people were left with very little notice as to who would hit the chopping block. Despite an email being sent, it was not signed by the proper people. Most employees learned of their fates by their work computers being erased remotely or being locked out of offices.

In conclusion, no one was safe. Even high-ranking executives were culled including Twitter’s most recent CEO, Parag Agrawal. Musk also wants people to pay a monthly fee to have their accounts verified with the blue verification tick. Why do you need people to pay for their blue ticks when you could have kept all the staff that were axed in the first culling.

In pure honesty, Elon’s mind changes so much that it’s hard to determine where he lies.

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