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Bill Is No Better Than Ridge!

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Bill Spencer is no different to “the dressmaker” Ridge Forrester. They are cut from the same cloth. The only difference that separates them is that one is a media mogul, and the other is a fashion designer. That is it. The current storyline of Dollar Bill’s loneliness and his constant attempts to win back Katie Logan or Brooke Logan is beginning to make them blend.

Just a few weeks ago, Bill was trying to sweet-talk Katie, but when that didn’t work, he went to Brooke and called her “the love of his life” when he said the same to her sister. So yeah, he needs to stop. He’s now crying that he needs Katie to be with him forever and that he only has eyes for her and whatever else. But, um. Has he forgotten about his constant back and forth with her and Brooke over so many years?

Ridge And Bill Are The Same In A Sense

Bill’s son, Liam Spencer, is incredibly worried about him, as is Katie. After all, he is the father of her son, Will. There has been a shift in Bill in recent episodes, and it has become evident that living in a massive house on his own has gotten to him. Wyatt lives elsewhere, and Liam is married with a family. This isn’t reassuring because he doesn’t want Katie to move on to anyone else. Bill is deadset against her being with Carter and will do anything to win “his Katie” back. This isn’t normal. He’s saying that she’s his property. Thank goodness she can stand up to him.

Ridge is the same way with Brooke. He doesn’t want her moving on to any other man, especially Bill or Deacon. The reason? He doesn’t like them. The feeling is mutual for Bill and Deacon, too, as they feel all the designer does is use Brooke. Of course, they’re not wrong, but Bill is just as guilty.

Bill, like Ridge, believes he’s a god and that women want him because he’s rich. Well, Katie isn’t interested as she knows what he is like. If he doesn’t get what he wants from her, he will go straight to Brooke. Then, if she turns him down, he’ll return to Katie. It is a constant cycle with him. Has he forgotten about a particular doctor lady who he helped when she was traumatised and almost killed by Sheila? It would be nice if he could move on himself with a woman who is NOT a Logan.

The Writers Will Rehash Everything… Again

Ridge needs to move on a woman who is not a Logan, Taylor or a Spencer. He needs an initial love interest like Finn was for Steffy. She couldn’t keep fighting with Hope over Liam forever, and the dude had to evolve past waffler at some point. Is there potential for the love triangle to happen if something were to happen to Finn? Yes, absolutely. Since Brooke and Taylor have decided to ditch Ridge, we’ve questioned how long this truce will last.

Knowing the writers of The Bold and the Beautiful, it’s not going to last long. So anyway, we’re just going to wait and see. They need to get creative with their storylines because all it does is go around in circles. Now, the love triangle has been pushed to Bill, Katie and Carter, though it is one-sided as Katie doesn’t hold the same feelings for her ex-husband as she used to, as she’s tired of him making her come in second to Brooke.

Katie has developed tough skin when it comes to Bill. She’s dealt with him so much over the years that nothing he says now affects her. He can try and sweet-talk her all he likes, but she is one of the few people who can see through his act. Now that he is wearing the sword necklace again, it will only spell even more trouble.

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