Batwoman: Kate Is Being Held Captive By Black Mask

Black Mask

Black Mask is a devious and uncaring criminal who loves watching his victims die in the most violent ways possible, but he is the key to the return of Kate Kane…

Kate Kane disappeared in a plane explosion and her family thinks she’s dead after Julia Pennyworth’s team found body parts belonging to her. According to Ryan Wilder’s narration in this week’s episode, Alfred’s daughter had several tests done to make sure and it was. But, Black Mask is now running around Gotham and little do Kate’s family and friends know he has her held hostage. So… what’s with the body parts tests coming up as hers? Guess, we’ll have to wait to find out until mid-April for episodes to come back.

With the recent casting of Wallis Day as the ‘new’ Kate Kane, we’re expected to have more development later on. But, why would Black Mask take the OG Batwoman to begin with? It could be for any reason but we know he wants to use her as his puppet. He has Safiyah’s goon, Enigma hypnotise her into forgetting her former life while she is still wounded from the plane crash.

There is also the conversation of how she survived the crash to begin with. We know from what Black Mask has said that she put up a fight as the dude’s goons tried to kidnap her. That is how she ended up injured. We also know, thanks to Safiyah that she didn’t actually kidnap Kate and never had her. It was Tatiana’s plan to get between the Queen of Coryana and Alice.

How Could Kate Be Found And How Could The Situation Behind Her Return Play Out?

How the Bat Team, Sophie, and Jacob find out about Kate actually being alive is still another matter. It could go either way as she could escape Black Mask’s clutches or something happens and someone finds her. Though, it would be a massive shock given that they buried someone else’s body in place of Kate’s. Also, Alice is going to be incredibly pissed because her goal was to kill her sister herself.

Also, they’re going to have explain why she looks and sounds different to the Kate they know. It also might be a little difficult for everyone to swallow that they buried someone else’s body despite the tests showing it is her’s. For Jacob it would be everything that happened with Beth all over again. However, this is a little different. Julia had her guys run the test so she’s being fooled too. Unless, there’s an explanation for this. Perhaps the goons of Black Mask did something to make someone’s body parts pass for Kate’s.

Then, there’s the possibility for some of Julia’s people being corrupt and working for Black Mask. There is so much much they could do with the story and it’s going to be fascinating to see how the ‘new’ Kate comes into play.

Finally, the one last thing we wanted to address is whether Kate’s personality will change. We have to say that perhaps it will. Given everything she has been through, it’s possible she could go down a similar road to her sister. When Jacob and Kate were forced to stop looking for Beth, it turned the other Kane sister evil.

It’s hard to see Kate going down this route given everything that happened with Beth. She has an incredibly strong will and she would know that her friends would accept her back.

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