Harry And Meghan’s Reverse Chess Game

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Strategy and logic are two of the most useful tactics if you want to win a war. Or, a game of chess. However, what happens if it were played in reverse? The pawns trying to win against the most powerful piece on the board, the queen? It would ensure chaos. That is the ploy set out by Harry and Meghan Markle in their battle against the royal family, and anyone who disagrees with their woke ideologies.

Now, we’re going to be strictly honest here. We cannot play chess, but we know enough to understand how this cushions in with Harry and Meghan’s grand plan for world domination and tearing down the monarchy. Call us crazy and psychotic but, it’s a working theory.

So, Harry and Meghan in their twisted reverse chess game are the King and Queen instead of the pawns. While the king can be knocked out of the game, only the queen needs to survive for checkmate to occur. What’s more, is the strategy that the Sussexes are using to portray themselves as the monarchs isn’t working the way they think it is.

For example, for years they usurped the Cambridges, especially Catherine, on their birthdays. Something has always gone out either the day before or directly on the day. So, in the lead-up to the Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th birthday, an article came out written by Dorothy Reddin of the Express about Meghan’s supposed eating habits. Now, usually, when something comes out about the Sussexes, it’s new information to see what the public thinks. But, Meghan’s dietary intake is old information.

Old Information Is The New Information?

The former actress turned royal social climber wrote a lot about things she would eat on her blog, The Tig. Such information came out in 2016 as referenced in Dorothy’s article. Now, we don’t know whether this piece was commissioned by Sunshine Sachs. Though, given the timing, and previous incidences, you have to think that perhaps it was.

Anyway, if the Sussexes did have this “information” released, then they must think the world is stupid. However, there are people (like this blog) who keep track of this sort of thing.

However, we have to think about how it might just be someone recycling information and it has nothing to with the Sussexes. Moreover, it could be anything. But, given that no major news outlets picked up on the story, we’d either conclude that it was rehashing old stuff, hoping to make it relevant, or it was it part of the elaborate chess game the Sussexes are playing to keep themselves relevant.

Whatever the case is, it is just one move of a multiplex of positions.

Slander No Matter The Cost

The phrase “cutting off the head of the snake before it has a chance to strike” is all about making yourself look better and your opponents look like fools. This is the approach the Sussexes are taking to make themselves appear as if they’re the victims of a hate campaign. However, it is not going in their favour as the world is seeing through them. So, they’ve taken to throwing people in the path of a Japanese Bullet Train.

Harry claims his father was a horrible parent to him. Meghan claims Catherine had her cry instead of the other way around. However, a friend of Camilla’s, Kirstie Allsopp, and a well-known television presenter in the UK said according to My London, that the original story about Markle making the Duchess of Cambridge weep was accurate. However, she said that the incident wasn’t over bridesmaid dresses, but about the bullying of staff.

Kirstie would not make something like this up as she has a reputation to uphold. Also, what would Camilla have to gain from it if she told Kirstie out of spite? We’re slated to believe her as she wouldn’t say something unless she had permission or knew what the truth was.

Keep NYC MegaTrash Free’s most recent video discusses how Meghan didn’t marry Harry for love. She even goes a step further and uses techniques from the Body Language Guy to try and pinpoint what the fame-seeking duchess is thinking. She concluded in the video that Markle got “revenge” on Catherine in the Oprah interview.

We noticed when the interview aired that Meghan was enjoying slandering the royals. What did she expect to happen? That the Queen give up the throne and pass it to Harry as an apology? Yeah, sorry, Meghan. Not going to happen.

Chess Game Where The Royals And Minorities Are Knocked Aside

To conclude our observation of the reverse chess game the Sussexes appear to be playing, they are proceeding backward. With Harry as the king and Meghan the queen, they’re stepping in reverse. This is all the while the other pieces on the board are the pawns, rooks, bishops, and the knights are pushed either off the board entirely or still stand.

So, who is who? Well, let’s take a look at that. We’ll give the Sussexes the black pieces as Meghan is always claiming she loves the black community. The royals are the white pieces. Before we go onto where each piece would go, this is rough as we’re not familiar with how powerful each piece is. Also, Prince Philip is not included in this.

Sussexes – Black

  • Queen – Meghan.
  • King – Harry.
  • 2x Knights – Omid Scobie and Christopher Bouzy.
  • 2x Bishops – Markus Anderson (allegedly still on side) and Misha Nonoo.
  • 2 Rooks – Jenny Afia and Amol Rajan.
  • 8x Pawns – Serena Williams, Janina Gavankar, Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, Melissa McCarthy, Jessica Mulroney, Andrés José, Sussex Squad.

The Royals – White

  • Queen – Her Majesty.
  • King – Prince Charles.
  • 2x Knights – Camilla and Prince William.
  • 2 Bishops – Catherine and Sophie.
  • 2x Rooks – Prince Edward and Princess Anne.
  • 8x Pawns – Prince Andrew, Fergie, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Palace Staff, Angela Kelly.

If this were a true game of chess, pieces like Melissa McCarthy, Jessica Mulroney, and Serena Williams would’ve been eliminated early. As would Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and, of course, Prince Andrew.

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