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The Bold And The Beautiful: Ridge And Paris Catch Zoe Out In Her Own Game


As they say in Pokémon, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. Well, this catchphrase could be used in The Bold And The Beautiful too with Zoe…

Zoe is playing a dangerous game. She is engaged to Carter but she wants his friend, Zende who happens to be co-CEO Ridge’s nephew as well the grandson of Eric. Since last year, she has been deadset on trying to stop her sister, Paris from sinking her claws into the designer she has been crushing on. However, it seems that her little sibling and their boss is about to catch her out.

Carter is a handsome and sweet guy with a huge heart. He’s been duped several times over the years. He didn’t think he’d ever catch a break until Zoe became involved with Thomas. To make a long story really short, he told her how he felt was willing to wait. He got his chance when the whole thing the fake wedding Forrester wedding played out in order to ensnare Hope into marriage for Douglas’ sake. When it didn’t work, the hot lawyer man finally got his chance with the model.

While he got his wish, his happiness might be short-lived as his missus might end up having feelings for his buddy, Zende. Oooh boy. Just shoot us in the foot now. Paris has been suspicious of her sister for while now. She herself as feelings for the dashing fashion designer and she has great respect for Carter.

Paris’ suspicions are all but confirmed when she is questioned by Ridge about Zoe’s intentions as she doesn’t come across as a loved-up fiancée. She then decides go back stage and overhears her sister and Zende practically screaming at each other.

Zoe Deserves To Get Busted!

Sorry to all those Zoe fans out there but your girl deserves to be caught. She is playing with the emotions of a great guy who is so clearly in love with her. As Paris so rightly pointed out; Carter isn’t enough for her [Zoe] and she wants Zende too.

Paris is a nice person who doesn’t want to see anyone hurt. She knows her sister too well and hates the game she’s playing with the hearts of two guys who clearly adore her. As she states to Zende, she doesn’t want an office romance to ruin her new job with the Forrester Foundation.

Zoe is like Steffy. She wants two men despite knowing she cannot. How can she expect Zende to wait for her when he has already shown interest in Paris? Also, her telling Paris to stay away from the designer is hypocritical. She wants him because of his name. He’s a Forrester through his adoptive mother.

Does Zoe not realise that love shouldn’t be about titles? She claims to love Carter but what does she want more? The association with the Forresters or the name itself? All she seems to care about is what being a member of the family would mean for her career. She lost that chance when Thomas duped her into an engagement meant to snag Hope into marrying him.

Her intentions were clear when she told Thomas not to go after Hope when she ‘walked down the aisle’ to him. Despite the idea of her wanting to be a Forrester, she did not deserve to be used by him. Though, she is doing the same to Carter and Zende.

Carter Is Going To Be Crushed

Poor Carter. His love life has been terrible and yet, he thinks Zoe is the woman for him. He just doesn’t realise what a terrible person she is. It’s basically Maya all over again. Though, she wasn’t that bad… at least not to our knowledge.

He has great respect for Ridge and Paris, but will he believe them when he finds out that his fiancée wants Zende and not him? Also, why the hell did Zoe say yes to his proposal when her attraction to his hot designer pal was evident?

Zoe thinks she has first dibs on both Carter and Zende and believes that she can marry Carter but see Zende behind his back. Sorry love but that’s cheating. You made your choice and so you need to make your bed and lie in it too.

Could Zoe And Paris’ Sisterly Love Return?

Paris knows how to catch Zoe out, but will their sisterly relationship suffer as a result? It already has as the eldest Buckingham has already been called out for her game.

Zoe needs to be pulled down a peg or two. She thinks she’s so great because she’s the head model for Hope for the Future. Big. Whooping. Deal. She doesn’t get to tell Paris of all people to stay away from Zende. If she wanted him, she would’ve done the right thing and and turned down Carter’s proposal. But, she didn’t and she’s only holding onto him because of his Forrester ties.

If we’re honest, Paris and Carter get along really well. If things don’t pan out with Zende, the younger Buckingham could always hook up with him. It would catch Zoe off guard and hopefully, teach her a lesson.

Zoe doesn’t realise how good she has it with Carter. Paris has told her time and time again but she doesn’t deserve to be happy. She’s playing with fire and it’s the worst kind.

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