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What Is The Storyline For The Harry Potter Videogame Hogwarts: Mystery?

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The mobile videogame Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is set in the years leading up to Harry Potter’s six years at the English Wizarding school. The same is set in the 80s when characters such as Nymphadora Tonks and the two eldest Weasley brothers, Bill and Charlie, are all students. Some of whom you meet on your journey through the same.

Released in 2018, Hogwarts Mystery revolves around the ability to create a character and play through a mystery involving said individual’s brother, Jacob, who disappears before the events of the game. Even cast members from the films, including Michael Gambon (the second actor to play Albus Dumbledore), Maggie Smith (Minerva McGonagall), and Warwick Davis (Filus Flitwick), all have their voices and likenesses included in the game.

What Is Hogwarts Mystery About?

From 1984 to 1991, a magical child enters Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with a shadow hanging over them. Their older brother, Jacob, has disappeared, seemingly expelled for some crime.

Events such as Harry Potter surviving the Killing Curse cast by Lord Voldemort and Amos Diggory referencing his son Cedric are bought up during the game. As we mentioned, we also get to interact with fan favourite characters.

One of the more exciting aspects of the game is being able to pick the character’s House.

Which Characters Appear From The Books?

Hogwarts Mystery brings in several book characters due to their time at Hogwarts. So far, they’ve included:

  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Hagrid
  • Minerva McGonagall
  • Nymphadora Tonks
  • Bill Weasley
  • Charlie Weasley
  • Filius Flitwick
  • Madam Pomfrey
  • Professor Sprout
  • Madam Pince
  • Madam Hooch
  • Amos Diggory
  • Severus Snape
  • Katie Bell
  • Cho Chang
  • Oliver Wood
  • Percy Weasley
  • Cormac MacLaggen
  • Harry Potter

Some of the characters get mentions but may not show up.

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