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Who Is Argus Filch In Harry Potter?

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The wizarding world is full of unique characters. Some are named after mythological characters. In the case of Argus Filch, that was the point, as he has eyes everywhere around Hogwarts via his beloved cat Mrs Norris. From threatening to hang Harry Potter and others from their thumbs in the dungeons to hating the students, Filch had it all, but who was he?

Born to at least one magical parent, Filch was not gifted in the magical arts. He was a squib who could not use magic despite his lineage. This lack of ability saw him become bitter. He was stuck in the magical world. Sadly, he couldn’t move among them freely as he was looked down upon due to his lack of skill. Also, he didn’t fit into the muggle world either. He was wedged somewhere between the two.

Filch was named after the creature Argus from Greek Mythology, who had hundreds of eyes over his body. He was more than familiar with the antics of the Hogwarts students. Having never attended the school himself, he gravitated towards Slytherin students. When Dolores Umbridge was headmistress, Filch and several students, including Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle, took it upon themselves to rat out anyone involved in “illegal” activities.

One of these “illegal” activities includes forming an army to take on Voldemort in the name of Albus Dumbledore.

Was Filch Jealous Of The Hogwarts Students?

Cutting a lonely image of wanting to be magical like those around him, Filch attempted to gain his ability by using Kwikspell. This product was supposed to help squibs and lowly supernatural-educated individuals improve their supernatural status. Unfortunately, the course was not meant to work for Squibs as they are more or less muggles born to at least one magical parent.

Also, during the 70s, Filch had constant run-ins with James Potter and his friends and was possibly tipped off by Severus Snape. Snape harvested a deep resentment towards James as the Mauraders constantly picked on him.

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