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Who Are Fred And George Weasley In Harry Potter?

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Cheeky and lovers of a good prank, Fred and George Weasley were the identical twin brothers of Bill, Charlie, Percy, Ron and Ginny and the fourth and fifth sons of their parents, Arthur and Molly Weasley. They became good friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, the best friends of Ron. While identical, they were the fun-loving pair that never left an opportunity to pull a joke on someone.

However, their story ends with Voldemort’s death during the climax of the Battle of Hogwarts. Fred is killed just moments after he reunites with Percy. George never recovers from his twin’s demise. He and his wife, Angelina Johnson, named their son Fred after the uncle he would never meet. They would also have a daughter, Roxanne.

But let’s jump back a bit to when they were at Hogwarts, where they created a ton of havoc.

A Family Tradition: GRYFFINDOR!

A couple of years after Bill, Charlie, and Percy started at Hogwarts, Fred and George joined them. They were sorted in Gryffindor like their older brothers. They would later join the Gryffindor Quidditch team, becoming its Beaters.

Fred and George often tricked their mother by proclaiming to be the opposite twin, George as Fred and Fred as George. This was something that greatly annoyed her. But she accepted it because they wouldn’t be them if they weren’t causing mischief. Also, it should be noted that their birthday was April 1, April Fools Day.

It is also speculated that Molly named them after her brothers, Fabian and Gideon Prewitt, who were killed during the first Wizarding War.

The twins were also known for bullying Ron when they were young. They were even responsible for causing his fear of spiders when they transfigured his teddy bear into one.

Fred And George Help Ron Save Harry Potter From His Uncle And Aunt’s House Before His Second Year

One of the most memorable moments involving the twins is when they and Ron rescue Harry Potter from the Dursley house. This was before Harry and Ron’s second year at Hogwarts. They steal their father’s Ford Angelia car and fly it to Little Whinging to rescue. Upon their return to the Burrow, their mother rips into them. Meanwhile, their father is fined and given a lecture about enchanting the car and allowing his sons to steal it in the first place.

Fred and George’s hearts were in the right place. They genuinely wanted to help as they had become friends with Harry due to his closeness with Ron. Molly, their mum, likely knew this but was upset that they did it incorrectly, as it would expose the magical world.

Fred And George Hand Over The Maurader’s Map

During Harry’s third year, he becomes acquainted with Remus Lupin, an old friend of his father, James. Fred and George play a role when they give him the Maurader’s Map, which they have no idea was invented by James, Remus, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black as school students.

In a sense, Fred and George gave Harry an item that allowed him to be closer to his dad in ways he had never been before, even though they had no idea who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs were. Though, it should be noted that the map also helped the twins find a massive slew of secret passages around Hogwarts. They would also tell Harry how to use the map, crediting it to their success.

Dumbledore’s Army

It’s no secret that Fred and George loved pulling pranks on anyone they didn’t like. During their final year at Hogwarts, they joined Dumbledore’s Army, a secret training group founded by Harry, Ron and Hermione after Umbridge bans defensive training on the order of the Ministry of Magic.

Being as loyal to Harry as they were, the twins joined the group. They also wanted to mess with Umbridge. When they decided they wouldn’t stick around, they created carnage and had Peeves the Poltergeist continue giving Umbridge “hell” for them.

Joke Shop Business

One of the most significant aspects of Fred and George’s lives was their beloved joke shop, Weasley Wizard Wheezers. The business was a smashing success, much to the shock of their mother. The shop would continue operating after the second wizarding war, though it wouldn’t be the same without one of the twins.

In later years, Ron would become involved in the business after he quit his job as an Auror.

Reunion With Percy And The Loss Of Fred

It’s no secret that the twins were upset that their older brother, Percy, chose to side with the Ministry of Magic over their family. Especially since his betrayal was devastating to their mother. However, Fred made up with Percy during the Battle of Hogwarts moments before his death.

Fred’s death devastated his whole family, but George was affected the most. He had lost his other half. Upon this twin’s passing, George could not produce a Patronus again. He eventually married Fred’s girlfriend, Angelina Johnson, and had two children with her. They named their eldest child Fred after his uncle and a daughter Roxanne.

Percy was understandably distraught over Fred’s death. He had spent so much time away from his family. He believed he was better than they were. Percy wanted to distance himself from them as he thought they were dragging him down because they were poor. However, he realised what the ministry was doing wasn’t good for him, so he quit. Little did he realise that his reunion with his family would end up tragic.

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