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Was Dan Wootton Set Up?

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Rich and famous tend to get a pass for bad behaviour when you’re rich and famous. It has also been established that the world no longer believes in facts and figures but delves into the woke ideology of a person’s ‘truth’ as being enough. However, some fight against it and must pay the price for being a “hater.” UK journalist Dan Wootton is currently in the middle of a sex scandal where he is being accused of asking his former colleagues for money in exchange for sexual material, per the Guardian. This also is not about proving whether he’s innocent or guilty.

This article is not to prove or disprove the allegations against Dan. It is to uncover if “dark forces” exist behind what has been alleged. Before we get into it, we do not need to stress one thing. We view Dan Wootton in the same way as Piers Morgan; somewhat arrogant and polarising but right in his opinions on specific topics. Also, we’re not favouriting certain publications over others.

Before we continue, this is the first in a series of articles on this topic.

Dan Wootton Is No Actor

So, let’s get into everything Dan Wootton said about the sex scandal allegations against him. On his evening show, Dan Wootton Tonight, he spoke that he had been attacked and threatened by a former partner who deemed himself to be a psychopath and also threatened to slit Wootton’s throat. Also, Dan was shaken by having to tell this story.

There are people we’ve seen online claiming that Dan Wootton is pulling the only crocodile tears act to get sympathy. Dan showed more emotion than most grieving husbands do when their wives go missing and turn up murdered. Also, Dan is no actor. He couldn’t fake it like a particular actress did at The Queen’s funeral.

It is our belief that the emotion was real. But again, this isn’t about picking sides. It’s about facts. There will be backlash from this article. We know there will be. But we don’t believe in the idea of taking one person’s side before we know all the facts.

The Sussex Squad Connection To The Sex Scandal

In another article, we’ll review some of the figures involved in this sex scandal outside of Dan Wootton.

There is growing speculation that a particular member of the Sussex Squad put this into motion. We’re not to mention who it is to protect ourselves from attacks from the guttersnipes.

One of our followers posted an exciting tweet where she dug into the Twitter Spaces feature where the Sussex Squad love to linger. She screenshotted (in the link) a conversation between the Sussex Squad member (we referenced earlier) and someone else in the Space.

In this conversation, it appears that the Squaddie in question is admitting to having a hand in getting the story into the open. It is also alleged that this SS member pretended to work at Twitter and had a relationship with Elon Musk when it turned out they didn’t work at the social media giant. Would it be surprising if this person is working on behalf of a certain couple to eliminate another high-profile journalist? No, it would not.

A Pattern

Now, there are two patterns we had to address here. The first is the abuser pattern.

When someone comes out with allegations about someone else, the accused will always go on the defensive and say, “I didn’t do it; this person has it out for me,” or something along those lines. Sometimes they are telling the truth. One example is Johnny Depp. Now, before we continue, Dan Wootton is an Amber Heard supporter. While he has a right to his opinions, his instincts were wrong to trust someone like Heard.

The second pattern concerns the actress and her vendetta against the press for not turning a blind eye to her behaviour since the beginning of her relationship with the second son of a recently crowned king. She has tried to cancel the following journalists:

  • Piers Morgan (tried to have him fired from his job after he failed to believe her during the Oprah interview)
  • Allison P. Davis (allegedly had her fired after The Cut interview wasn’t to her satisfaction)
  • Jeremy Clarkson

It makes sense that she would want another vocal journalist cancelled, as she believes all her bad luck is due to the media.

Dan Wootton happens to be somewhere under Piers if we were going to compare who is more vocal.

Is Dan Wootton Guilty Solely On The Accusations?

There is no evidence to suggest that Dan did anything outside of one person’s accusation. We have a rule not to believe anything unless more than one person emerges. Unfortunately, we live in a society where one person’s story is all you need to see the alleged perpetrator as the guilty party.

It’s a case of “believe all victims”, if you will. Moreover, this is not how it should be. It’s like if the Police closed every abuse case brought to them without looking at all angles. People are entitled to think what they want, but in all cases, they should always be innocent until proven guilty. The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp case is a classic example where she claims to be the victim but is actually the perpetrator.

Furthermore, it is just one person flinging bricks and seeing where one lands. This man, who will be mentioned in the following article about this topic, allegedly wants his five minutes of fame because he knows people will support anyone without tangible proof. Where are the texts? Videos? Photos of injuries? Why comes forward now? A statement doesn’t count as its one person’s view against another. Finally, the same can be said for Dan’s statement on GB News. There is no deciding factor on who is telling the truth unless there is evidence to suggest otherwise.

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