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The People Who Want Dan Wootton Cancelled

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Cancel culture is now the ‘in-thing’ in society. If you say something outside the realm of wokeism, you must be put in the cancel pile. It appears that Dan Wootton is experiencing this sentiment. How true the sex scandal allegations are, but several people have no love for the journalist.

This post will review the people who want Dan Wootton cancelled. Also, we’re not taking sides and marking it as ‘true crime’ because the people are accusing Wootton of punishable crimes.

Everything in this post is ALLEGED!

A Former Partner

This whole scandal started, according to Dan, due to his abusive ex-partner. We have reason to believe that this man was allegedly Kevin Sutherland. We cannot say if this is the right person or if it could be someone else. Whatever the case, Kevin alleges that Dan raped and abused him. Again, we’re not saying that we believe him. Yet, we don’t necessarily believe Dan either. There is no evidence to suggest anything that is being displayed on either side.

Lily Allen

Singer Lily Allen alleges that Dan Wootton bullied her years ago and that he allegedly stalked her and placed her under “constant sullivance.”

The Sussex Squad

In our previous post on Dan, we mentioned that one of our followers on Twitter found in the Twitter Spaces feature a conversation between high-strung Sussex Squad supporter “Sarah Data” and someone else in the Sussex Squad community where Sarah Data literally admits to wanting Dan Wootton in prison and was “contacting” so-called victims of his. It has been almost a week since the allegations came out, so why hasn’t anyone else come out to say he abused them?

It has also been alleged that some members of the Sussex Squad are paid. As Trevor Coult said in his live chat with the Duchess of Narsussex and Avid Gardner, people would only care about wanting Dan Wootton cancelled if they’re being paid.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

It’s no secret that Dan is a massive hater of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They have sued so many people because they’re not liked, and Dan has spoken about it extensively on his show.

Since they cannot go after Wootton, they’re possibly using the Sussex Squad to do their bidding to bring him down. The Sussexes need to have their hands as clean as possible because if they were to do anything, they would reveal themselves behind another attempt to cancel someone telling the truth about them.

Johnny Depp Supporters

This last one is a big one. Dan Wootton was an avid supporter of Amber Heard during her beef with her massive legal beef with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, who she alleges abused her. Now, anyone who knows Project Fangirl knows we were always on #TeamJohnny. However, we wouldn’t want Dan cancelled because he believed Amber.

Finally, we believe that Lady C was correct on the money when she said that she thinks Amber hoodwinked Dan because she knew how to manipulate him into believing her, regardless of his sexual orientation.

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