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What Are Veelas In Harry Potter?

Veelas, Harry Potter

The world of Harry Potter is well-known for its creatures. But how often are Veelas bought up? In this post, we’ll cover as much information as possible on this subject, as there’s not a ton of intel on this being. Also, it should be noted that it’s Veela (singular and plural). For the sake of this article, it will be “Veelas.”

One of the most well-known Veelas is Fleur Delacour, who would go on to marry Bill Weasley. Fleur was a quarter Veela as her mother, Apolline Delacour, was half. It is unknown if there are full-blooded male Veelas, though some males are part Veela.

Fleur’s son with Bill, Louis, is one-eighth Veela, as are his two sisters, Victoire and Dominique.

Veelas Have Unique Characteristics and Cross Breeding

Veelas are known to be beautiful and to have silver-blonde hair. They essentially have blue eyes, but this has been known to differ, and they had moon-bright skin and were known to be seductive to anyone attracted to women.

Crossbreeding was common in the magical world, as seen with Apolline Delacour. She passed her half-Veela genetics to her two daughters, Fleur and Gabrielle. Fleur then would pass her own genes down to her three children. However, it is unknown if Veelas ever had children with muggles.

Another unique trait of Veelas is that they don’t require wands to perform magic. Finally, they were native to Bulgaria and were the mascots for the Bulgarian Quidditch Team at the Quidditch World Cup in 1994.

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