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What Is A Fulcrum Agent?

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By the light of Lothal’s moons – Since Star Wars Rebels Season 1 episode Out of Darkness mentioned “Fulcrum,” fans wondered what was going on and who this shady character was. By the end of the season, we discover that Fulcrum is, in fact, an adult Ahsoka Tano, the former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker.

In the years since this reveal, more agents have come out of the woodwork as part of a broader plot device for Ahsoka and the rebel agents who chose to keep incognito. That is what this post is going to cover. This is a topic that is slowly expanding, and we hope, at some point will pop up in live-action. We have the former Jedi Padawan in live-action now, and Cassian Andor was a Fulcrum agent, but we wanted to explore this in detail. If the topic comes up in any upcoming projects, we’re making this post with potential spoilers.

How Did The Fulcrum Title Begin?

Initially, the ‘Fulcrum’ codename started as a frequency used by Anakin throughout the Clone Wars. However, only a handful of people knew that such a frequency existed, with Ahsoka being one of those individuals.

Of the others in the know, this included:

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Wullf Yularen
  • Saw Gerrera

Eventually, the title would be used by Ahsoka (likely as a tribute to her master) when she succeeded Bail Organa in gathering forces for the rebellion.

Known Fulcrum Agents

As the rebellion grew, so did the use of the Fulcrum title. Outside of Ahsoka, the following people used the moniker:

  • Cassian Andor – as a recruitment agent.
  • Alexsandr Kallus – as a spy for the rebellion after becoming disillusioned with the Empire.

Kallus was an interesting case because of his once ironclad devotion to the Empire. However, after being trapped with Zeb on one of the moons of Geonosis, they became friends to the point that he atoned for his past and became an honorary member of the Lasat people on Lira San after seeing he had not helped eradicate the entire species.

Where Could The Title Be Mentioned Next?

With the Ahsoka series now in production, it’s possible that the show could reference the Fulcrum title in some capacity. Also, the Andor series will follow Fulcrum agent Cassian Andor, so anything is possible. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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