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The Bold And The Beautiful: Ridge Demands To See Thomas While Liam Hurls Accusations At Hope – These Two Need Help!


Ridge and Liam really need to stop being so demanding. To top it off, Spencer hurls accusations left, right, and centre and his wife keeps telling him she wasn’t kissing Thomas…

In today’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam hurls accusations of cheating at Hope while Ridge demands to see Thomas and says he’s fine. Here we go again. Do these two hypocrites not realise how terrible they sound? We applaud Thorsten and Scott for their performances of course, but their characters just give us ‘greedy’ and ‘self-righteous’ vibes.

Honestly, this episode made us so mad to be viewers. Yes, it’s only television show but it was enough to make us want to throw the laptop out the window.

Let’s get into the post. Bear in mind we have strong views on today’s episode.

Liam Hurls Accusations

While Liam may be Bill’s son, he does not have the right to preach to Hope about having an ‘affair’ when he slept with Steffy. In an opinion piece we found on | SheKnows, the writer, Richard Simms makes a load of excellent points.

Simms says that Liam’s actions during this week’s episodes went from ‘boneheaded’ to ‘downright deplorable’ and he’s absolutely right. All the Spencer heir does is whine about Thomas. Yes, he was correct when Ridge’s son was obsessed with Hope. But, he cannot take all the credit. Brooke hew something was off too. At least she is making an effort to include her stepson in the family.

Liam is not always right and he should have spoken to Hope about what he saw before he went to Steffy. He’s a world class hypocrite who thinks he has done everything right. This is a man who cannot decide what he wants and yet, he has two daughters to two women while also playing the paternal figure to his late cousin’s little boy.

We made the observation that it’s okay for Liam to sleep with his ex-wife but it’s not okay for Hope to be kind with the father of her adoptive son? This is similar to what happened with Ridge, Shauna, Brooke, and Bill.

Ridge Demands To See Thomas

Speaking of Ridge, the man hurls demands around like they’re dollar bills being shot out of a cannon by a billionaire. When he and Steffy get to the hospital, they’re met by Finn who explains that Thomas is in bad way and that his doctors are with him.

Ridge, being pushy, demands to see his son but Finn is forced to fend him off by saying the doctors are still looking into why he collapsed. It’s understandable why he would want to see Thomas, but he does this every time. He just doesn’t want to hear what other people tell him.

Yes, he is Thomas’ father and will never stop worrying about him, but he needs to realise that there is protocol. The world does not revolve around the Forrester family and he should know this. After all, his Forrester Creations was a rival to Spectra Fashions and Jackie M Designs at points.

When Steffy was in the hospital after her motorbike crash, Ridge was just as demanding. Having kids means you’re always going to worry. Steffy made the same comment about Kelly.

Yes, that’s fine but you cannot go around demanding to see your child just because you’re famous. Everybody else in the world has to play the waiting game when it comes to hospital visits. Why can’t he? Also, Finn is his daughter’s boyfriend who happens to be a doctor. He knows what he’s talking about. Ridge, do us all a favour and sit down and shut up!

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