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Why Is Meghan Markle OBSESSED With The Name ‘Archie’ And The Word ‘Arche’? – Markle Questions

Archie, Meghan

Why is Meghan Markle obsessed with the word ‘Arche’ and the name ‘Archie’? She has used the word so much in her ‘marketing’ and throughout her life that it’s now an infatuation. Everything the former actress does is intentional.

In this post, we’re going to explore this obsession Meghan Markle has with these words.

The Name Archie

From the public information out there, thanks to Tom Bower’s book Revenge, the earliest that we know the name ‘Archie’ pops up in Meghan Markle’s life is when she was an avid reader of Archie comic books. The lead character was Archibald ‘Archie’ Andrews, a redheaded boy.

Next, we have the pet cat. When Meghan was a teenager and Doria came back into her life, they adopted a cat named Archie, after Archie Andrews. The cat was Meghan’s pride and joy until she went to college when she learned her beloved kitty had died. She had been feeling it like frozen grapes.

Finally, we have Archie Harrison, Meghan’s son with Prince Harry. However, Archie is just Archie. It’s not short for Archibald or even Archer.

A friend of Meghan’s said after the birth of Baby Archie that it wasn’t surprising that she would name her first child after the comic book character she loved so much growing up. However, Meghan has maintained that her son was NOT named after the comic book character. Her obsession with the name and the word ‘Arche’ doesn’t surprise us, and she’s lying.


Finally, let’s go to ‘Arch’ or ‘Arche.’ Meghan has used ‘Arche’ for so many aspects of her time as ‘the Duchess of Sussex’ that it’s become a clear obsession for her. The reason we say this is due to how many times the word pops up.

For example, she has alleged that the Archewell Foundation was named after her son Archie as both the company and the child were named after the word ‘Arche.’

Then, there’s Meghan’s podcast ‘Archetypes.’ We’ve said that Meghan needed help understanding what the word ‘Archetypes’ meant. However, it could be one of those things where she thinks she’s being creative by having a ‘play on words’ like ‘Arche’ as in Archewell and ‘type’ as in stereotype.

However, Meghan Markle is one of the least creative people on the planet. She needs to learn how to market anything effectively. No one understood what The Tig was as she named it after a wine-only wine expert would’ve known, and virtually no one would’ve associated it with an ‘ah-ha moment.’ She’s creating a mountain out of a molehill.

Also, the joke Meghan and Harry made in South Africa of Arch meets Arch is unimpressive. It’s like making the same joke when you meet someone with the same name as you.

The Meaning Behind Arche And Archie

Okay, to finish this article, we wanted to go over the definitions for Arche and Archie and conclude why Meghan Markle is obsessed with these two words.

So, let’s start with Arche. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ‘Arche’ is defined as being ‘something from the beginning’ or ‘original’.

Finally, we come to ‘Archie.’ According to the baby name website Baby Centre, ‘Archie’ means ‘bold’ or ‘brave’.

Meghan Markle has this thing where everything has to have a meaning because if it has ‘meaning’, then it’s special. For example, Archie’s middle name, ‘Harrison,’ literally means ‘Son of Harry’ despite Harry’s birth name being ‘Henry.’ Something doesn’t need to have a definition to make it special. For example, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, wore a pearl necklace for a remembrance service, which was worn by the Late Queen Elizabeth II. It didn’t have a definition but it was significant because of its previous wearer.

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