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Top 5 Romance Authors, According To Amazon Australia

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Romance authors are the hottest deal for book readers and there are so many big names out, which is why we’re turning to Amazon. We were inspired to do this after reading the Advance Readers Copy of Bookishly Ever After by Mia Page.

With our book readership growing, we’d have a little fun browsing Amazon Australia’s Top 100 romance books to find the top 5 romance authors. When we mention the placements of books on the list, we will not be including the audiobook version. Also, if they’re in series, the books will not be in order.

Please keep in mind that all the book placements on the Top 100 Romance books on Amazon Australia were accurate as of the writing of this post. This might be subject to change.

1. Julia Quinn

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[Credit: Amazon]

Julia Quinn is the author of the Regency romance series, The Bridgerton Family, which is now a hit television series on Netflix, produced by Shonda Rhimes. The television series recently dropped the first half of its third season, which is based off the the fourth book.

With the drop of the new season of the show, Julia Quinn is currently sitting in the number one spot with The Duke & I (book 1). Other books in the series sit as follows:

Not all the Bridgerton books ended up on the Top 100.

2. Nicole Fox

[Credit: Amazon Australia]

Nicole Fox is a name we’d never heard of until we started researching this list. She has two books in the Novikov Bratva series, with book one, Ivory Ashes, being number two on the Top 100 Romance books on Amazon Books Australia. Book 2, Ivory Oath currently sits at number 5.

3. Catherine Cowles

[Credit: Amazon]

Like with Nicole Fox, we’d never heard of Catherine Cowles. Her book Fragile Sanctuary is sitting at third place and is one of four books in a series. The other three are not out yet. Catherine has other books.

4. Sarah A. Parker

Romance authors amazon
[Credit: Amazon]

A big romance book that is getting a lot of chatter online and placed fairly high on Amazon is author Sarah A. Parker’s When the Moon Hatched. It is the first book in a series and sits in sixth place.

5. J. Bree

[Credit: Goodreads]

We’d heard of J. Bree but didn’t know anything else outside of the newest book The Throne of Honor and Blood, sits at number 11 on the Top 100 Romance books on Amazon Australia. It is the second book in a series.

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